Shoutout: The Deimos Saxum, a decently designed enemy like the Nox and Aerolyst

Content of the article: "Shoutout: The Deimos Saxum, a decently designed enemy like the Nox and Aerolyst"

For reference, this is the enemy I'm talking about:

Deimos Saxum

The Nox and the Aerolyst are tied to a particular body region, the Nox's glass helmet and the Aerolyst's canisters, respectively. For the Deimos Saxum, it's their shoulders (also known as Femurs).

Here are some reasons why they are designed well:

  • Good Visual Feedback

Their main form of attack involves firing a burst of three explosive spores from its shoulders or called Femurs. These spores are not only fairly visble (along with leaving behind a spore cloud like the Mutatlist Swarm Moas), but you can destroy them in mid-flight.

Their "belly slam" and them flinging their entire body at you should you get too close to them is telegraphed, with a fairly long recovery time.

Destroying the Femurs have a distinct visual and audio cue that is as distinct as shattering a Nox's helmet. This goes into the next reason:

  • Behavioral changes

Destroying a Femur will reverse the effective range and mechanic of the Saxum's explosive spores: from a homing medium range projectile to an erratic close range "danger zone".

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Destroying both Femurs will change the behavior of the Saxum, enraging it. The Saxum will charge at you, using its destroyed femurs as the aforementioned danger zone. In return, the Saxum is render vulnerable to status procs since its corrosive acid cracked open its carapace.

  • Player-to-Enemy Interaction

Its status immune carapace encourages players to target its Femurs to negate its range capability. For an Infested, it's ironically less threatening at close range with its Femurs intact.

Destroying both Femurs will make the Saxum both fragile (weakened damage reduction and now vulnerable to status procs) and more risky to engage in close quarters similar to how Nox's emit their toxic fume around them without their helmets.

All in all, the Saxum strikes as the more interesting and satisfying Deimos Infested to fight against.

TLDR: Good visual feedback (telegraphed, but damaging attacks), and interesting behavioral changes tied to the Saxum's weakpoints.

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