Since the beginning, Teshin should be an important character of the Warframe story.

Something that has always caught my attention is what Teshin says when you go to talk to him being Rank 0 in The Conclave:

We were led astray. We forgot the Conclave, so when that new evil came, we were not prepared. This is how we failed the Orokin. You went into stasis, but not me. I searched the long path for redemption, for the kind of balance only The Conclave can create. Now I return, only to find the Tenno still herded like livestock. Horrors from beyond the Outer Terminus are coming. You must prepare. You must accept The Conclave. Let it be your teacher and I its humble guide. For true balance can only be found in the face of the ultimate enemy. Yourself.

When he says "You went into stasis, but not me" makes me wonder: "How old is Teshin?" or "For how long were the Tenno in stasis?" or even "How did he survived the Collapse?".

Another quote could be:

The Lotus seduced the Tenno. Led them on a complacent path like oxen. I failed the Orokin but I will preserve their legacy. The Tenno. Now is the time for action. Cast off your harness and become a pupil of The Conclave. Through trial combat, I will prepare you for the evils beyond the Outer Terminus. A warrior only grows if they face the ultimate enemy. Themselves.

That quote plus "Now I return, only to find the Tenno still herded like livestock" makes it clear that Teshin doesn't trust Lotus, especially when, during the quest Natah, he says "Unlike your Lotus, I will not keep secrets from you". Not just Lotus, but Margulis too, during The War Within:

Now I am forced to undo what Margulis did, to open the gates… and make you suffer.


Margulis lied to you, a lie of omission. She did not cure the Zariman children – she erased them. My only hope is that truth still fingers inside you, buried within your mind. The power and the misery… of the Void.

After that, you start a "tutorial" of how to use the Transference and test everything you learned in the Queen Grineer fight (except for controlling the Golden Maw). After that quest, we don't see Teshin again except for a mention of Little Duck during the Scarlet Spear. Something that I have noticed among the new players, is that nobody knows Teshin until they do the quest "Natah".

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As the Arbiters of Hexis say: "A shame to see such potential squandered".

What strikes me most is that we don't have more interactions with Teshin after the Apostasy Prologue (the abandonment of Lotus and the appearance of Ballas) and The Sacrifice (Umbra, like Teshin, was a Dax soldier who knew of Ballas's plan, and the fact that we find Lotus Natah). I would not have given much importance to that, until I realized the dates when the quests were released and the Nintendo Switch Release Date trailer:

Apostasy Prologue: December 21st, 2017 (Update 22.8: The Ghoul Purge).

The Sacrifice: June 15th, 2018 (Update 23: The Sacrifice)

September 13th, 2018 (Narrated by Sean Phillips, Teshin's Voice Actor)

And now DE announced the Joke-A-Thon contest, disclosing that Mike Leatham (Ordis voice actor) is still working with them (I would like to say the same about Sean, but if someone can, please confirm it to me).

TL;DR: From the beginning of the game, Teshin has been around and knows a lot more about the story than we do, but he was never relevant until Natah and The War Within (not even after this one). Like Ordis, he has the potential to be our new guide but DE is only limiting him to those two quests and T H E C O N C L A V E.

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