Some events and tactical alerts should return to Warframe as quests.

Content of the article: "Some events and tactical alerts should return to Warframe as quests."

With some changes, these "new" quests will not only make Warframe's story more meaningful in-game, but will also enrich its universe and give less relevant characters more participation.

In order to tell the whole story, it's necessary to change the requirements of most of the quests that currently exist (especially those post-Second Dream), and divide them into two categories (Main and Secondary). The following list shows the chronological order with the new requirements:

Main quests:

  • Awakening: First login
  • Vor’s Prize: Complete Awakening
  • Once Awake: Complete Mercury Junction
  • The Archwing: Complete Mars Junction
  • The Gradivus Dilemma*: Complete The Archwing
  • Stolen Dreams: Complete Phobos Junction
  • The New Strange: Complete Europa Junction
  • Suspicious Shipments*: Complete Saturn Junction
  • Breeding Grounds*: Complete Uranus Junction
  • Mutalist Incursions*: Complete Neptune Junction
  • Patient Zero: Complete Eris Junction
  • Tubemen of Regor*: Complete Sedna Junction
  • Natah: Complete Tubemen of Regor
  • The Second Dream: Complete Natah & Mot – Void
  • Shadow Debt*: Complete The Second Dream
  • The War Within: Complete Shadow Debt
  • Chains of Harrow: Obtain an AMP (find Onkko)
  • Apostasy Prologue: Build the Personal Quarters segment
  • The Sacrifice: Complete Apostasy Prologue & all the missions of the Star Chart (except Ganymede – Jupiter and The Ropalolyst)
  • Chimera Prologue: Complete The Sacrifice & Reach Mastery Rank 10
  • Rising Tide: Complete Chimera Prologue & Build Cephalon Cy

Secondary quests:

  • A Favor for Darvo*: Complete Venus Junction
  • Howl of the Kubrow: Complete Mercury Junction
  • The Hunt for Alad V*: Complete Phobos Junction
  • The Limbo Theorem: Complete Europa Junction
  • Project Undermine*: Complete Saturn Junction
  • A Man of Few Words: Complete Uranus Junction
  • Ambulas Reborn*: Complete Pluto Junction
  • The Jordas Precept: Complete Eris Junction
  • Hidden Messages: Complete Sedna Junction
  • Operation Rathuum*: Complete Marid – Sedna
  • Saya’s Vigil: Complete The Second Dream
  • The Sands of Inaros: Complete The Second Dream
  • The Silver Grove: Complete The Second Dream
  • Vox Solaris: Complete Shadow Debt
  • Octavia’s Anthem: Complete Shadow Debt & scan all the Cephalon Fragments
  • The Deadlock Protocol: Complete Vox Solaris
  • The Glast Gambit: Complete The War Within
  • Heart of Deimos: Complete The War Within & The Deadlock Protocol
  • Mask of the Revenant: Reach Rank 2 with The Quills & Build all the parts of Revenant.

Next I will tell the plots of the "new" quests together with a proposal of what missions to do and the rewards:

A Favor for Darvo (secondary)

After being released, Darvo has received threats and asks the Tenno for help to find out who it is. As you discover that it is a group of slave traders and arms dealers who not only threaten colonies, but are also responsible for Darvo being imprisoned, he is determined to get rid of them, both for his own well-being and that of the colonies, receiving aid from the Steel Meridian.

The first mission is a spy mission to find out who are the ones who threatened Darvo. The second mission is a mix between rescue and exterminate to save a hostage with valuable information and face its captors. The third and last mission is a mix between mobile defense and sabotage where you are going to communicate with Cressa Tal and sabotage the ship of the group that threatened Darvo, so that they are intercepted by the members of the Steel Meridian.

During the adventure, Darvo will tell you who is Parvos Granum (since one of the missions will take place on a Corpus Ship) and the Stalker will appear for the first time, presenting himself as an entity that wants to take revenge on the Tenno for being the responsible for the fall of the Orokin empire.

You will be rewarded with 50000 credits, 500 Endo and the Kunai blueprint.

The Gradivus Dilemma (main):

After Vay Hek declared war on Frohd Bek and the Corpus, Mars became the most affected planet by the conflict between Grineer and Corpus. Alad V, who leads the Corpus on that planet, discovered a cache of cryogenized Warframes that would allow him to advance the development of his secret weapon: the Zanuka Project, so the Tenno have no choice but to join the Grineer, led by Ruk. Although both managed to get the Corpus to retreat and Alad in debts, the surviving colonies on Mars were to be enslaved by the Grineer. But the Tenno will not allow it, and as a warning they would take care to defeat Lieutenant Lech Kril.

This adventure would consist of completing most of the missions on Mars, where the Grineer will help the Tenno to defeat the Corpus, while there are interactions between Sargas Ruk and Alad V, except for the last mission that would be an assassination mission.

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You will be rewarded with an Orokin Reactor and 2 weapon slots. Also, invasion missions (except Infested Outbreak) will be available.

The Hunt for Alad V (secondary):

Despite the defeat, Alad V was able to get a Warframe known as "Valkyr" that would allow him to develop a working prototype of Zanuka, leaving the Board of Directors impressed and offsetting his debts after the defeat on Mars. Frohd Bek fears being replaced by Alad, so he decides to sabotage his work by sending ships from Phobos to Jupiter. Unfortunately the Corpus Ships are affected by the infestation and he has no choice but to make a deal with the Lotus and the Tenno: Exterminate the infestation and in return reveal the location of Alad V.

Similar to the Gradivus Dilemma, the Tenno would have to complete most of the nodes on Phobos, where the Corpus will help them to defeat the Infestation.

You will be rewarded with 100000 credits, a Forma and the Gammacor blueprint.

Suspicious Shipments (main):

Reports came in that there are Grineer Galleons with an unusual behavior on Saturn, so Lotus sends the Tenno to investigate what happened. It turns out that not only the Corpus have taken over the galleons, but they are also experimenting with the Infestation. And the one responsible for it is Alad V who, after the Tenno destroyed his Zanuka prototype, he decided to focus his research on the Infestation (which is prohibited for the Corpus) to return to his place on the Board of Directors. What Alad doesn't know is that experimenting with the Infestation would have long-term consequences.

The first mission is a spy one, while the second and last mission is a mix between exterminate and sabotage. In both missions you will face the Corpus in a Grineer Galleon

You will be rewarded with an Orokin Catalyst and a Warframe Slot

Project Undermine (secondary):

Another conflict has started between the Grineer and Corpus and the Tenno receive a message from an anonymous requesting help in exchange for a treasure, so Lotus sends them to save the hostage. But that hostage turned out to be Maroo who tricked both factions into fighting so she could steal them while both factions fought. But everything got out of hand when the Nightwatch Corps went after her. So she asks the Tenno to take care of them and to save a Bailiff Defector who helped her during the looting. In the end the Tenno defeat the Nightwatch Corps and the defector joins the Steel Meridian.

The first mission is a spy crossfire where you have to find out where the hostage is. The second mission is a rescue crossfire where you are going to rescue the hostage, who is Maroo. The third mission is an exterminate crossfire where you face the Corpus and Grineer (Nightwatch units), and the last mission is a defense where you have to protect the Bailiff Defector from the Nightwatch Corps.

You will be rewarded with a Gram blueprint and you will be able to auto-install Ayatan Stars.

Breeding Grounds (main):

Studies of Infestation by Alad V reached a new development, creating a strain capable of infecting not only inorganic beings, but also entire ships. Alad has created infected hives, which are tumors capable of infecting ships and entire colonies in a matter of seconds. Lotus has detected several ships with these hives leaving Eris, so she sends the Tenno to destroy them. There are also reports of a group calling itself the Black Seed that raided Alad's infected laboratories, so they must be captured to prevent them from spreading the Infestation, but it is too late. Upon capturing them, the Tenno learn that other members of the Black Seed have not only spread the mutalist spore, but the Juggernaut spore as well. Now the Tenno must prepare for the inevitable: face the Mutalist empire.

The first three missions are hive sabotage, one being more difficult than the previous one, and the last mission is a capture where you have a time limit to capture three members of the Black Seed before they escape (similar to Rush, an Archwing mission).

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You will be rewarded with an Orokin Reactor and 2 Sentinel slots.

Mutalist Incursions (main):

Alad V has emerged from the shadows in a new guise, proclaiming the beginning of his new empire and revealing his creations: the Mutalist units. Lotus sends the Tenno to the Dark Sectors to contain the Infestation before they spread throughout the Origin System, and to face the Juggernaut Behemoth as the final boss of the quest.

The Tenno will have to go to one of the Dark Sectors on each available planet (from Venus to Uranus) to face high-level infected (30-40), where the Mutalist units and the Juggernaut will appear for the first time. And the final mission will be an assassination mission on Neptune where the objective will be the Juggernaut Behemoth.

You will be rewarded with an Archwing slot, 2 Archguns slot and a Forma. Also, Infested Outbreaks missions will be available.

Ambulas Reborn (secondary):

Frohd Bek has returned and this time brings with him a new weapon: Ambulas, a unit capable of learning and adapting to previous fights to avoid defeats by using the same strategy thanks to the AI called Animo. Ergo Glast, leader of the Perrin Sequence, creator of the Animo and former apprentice of Frohd during his time as a member of the Corpus, has intercepted a communication from his former master introducing Ambulas, so he asks the Tenno for help to end this threat.

In order to face Ambulas, the player must collect 20 Animo Nav Beacons and complete missions on Pluto until the Hades node is available, where the fight with Ambulas will take place.

You will be rewarded with 250000 credits, and you will be able to trade Animo Nav Beacons with Ergo Glast for Perrin Sequence standing without any penalty.

Tubemen of Regor (main):

Lotus commands the Tenno to destroy the heart of Tyl Regor's cloning labs with the intention of weakening the Grineer empire, who are seeking a cure for Cloning Decay Syndrome. Alad V, a shadow of his former self, thinks there may be a cure for the infestation and begs the Tenno to find it, but they won't have it that easy. Tyl Regor will keep Lotus and her Tenno from getting away with it, and Nef Anyo will not let the Tenno heal Alad V.

The mission consists of a mix between sabotage and raid, and once both objectives are completed, it will become a 20-minutes survival where Manics and Bombard Manics will appear frequently, but also Corpus Eximus units, Bursas and Hyenas (all of them will have as top priority to Tenno). During the course of the mission, there will be interactions between Alad V, Tyl Regor, and Nef Anyo.

You will be rewarded with 3 Formas, a warframe slot and 2 weapons slots

Operation Rathuum (secondary):

The Tenno receive a message from Cressa Tal, asking for help in saving a group of Grineer deserters who are to be judged by Kela De Thaym through Rathuum: Trial by Combat, which is fixed. But instead of being a conventional rescue mission, it will be the Tenno who fight in the trial against the Grineer Executioners for the freedom of the deserters, but Kela doesn't keep her word and orders the deserters to be executed, so the Tenno will have to defeat Kela. Finally, the Tenno will obtain the coordinates of the deserters and will have to decide whether to give it to Cressa, or to one of the other five syndicates who have tried to persuade them during the course of the mission.

This quest consists of completing the three Rathuum missions and the assassination mission, where the final boss is Kela De Thaym.

You will be rewarded with 3 Forma blueprints and the coordinates of the deserters (valued in 25000 standing) to which you must deliver to one of the six syndicates.

Shadow Debt (main):

After Alad V has helped the Tenno during the events of the Second Dream, Shadow Stalker has sent his acolytes to hunt down Alad, who asks for help in exchange for very valuable information. The first thing the Tenno do is find out who these acolytes are and then proceed to defend Alad, starting the hunt. After defeating each acolyte, the Tenno manage to protect Alad and he offers them information about a colony on Venus enslaved by Nef Anyo: Fortuna. Alad is going to keep a low profile and we won't hear anything from him until sometime later, where we find out that he has made a deal with the Sentients.

The first mission is a spy one where the Tenno try to find out who the acolytes are, and the second is a mobile defense where they will triangulate their location. After that, the rest of the missions will be survival missions in different tilesets (Grineer Galleon, Corpus Ship, Corpus Outpost, Infested Ship, Orokin Derelict and Orokin Tower) where we have to protect Alad V. In each mission, an acolyte will appear as a boss who must be defeated to complete the mission. In the final mission, five of the six acolytes will appear, their respective shadows and finally Misery as the final boss, this being the most powerful of the acolytes, immune to warframe abilities and status effects.

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Throughout the quest, Alad will interact with the Operator and advise them not to trust Lotus (like Teshin) questioning her idea of ​​"maintaining balance" in the Origin System by commanding the Tenno to slaughter members of the Grineer and Corpus.

You will be rewarded with an Orokin Catalyst, an Orokin Reactor, an Archwing slot and 2 Archguns slots. You will also have access to Fortuna since the quest Vox Solaris will be available, but you will be chased by Shadow Stalker and his acolytes.

But to get the new story to fit, it is necessary some big changes:

  • As you will have noticed, Saya's Vigil, Vox Solaris and Heart of Deimos are post-Second Dream quests, which means that players who haven't completed The Second Dream, will not have access to open worlds. The level of bounties will also have to be changed so that they feel like missions post-Mot (40 and up) and (obviously) will offer better rewards. That way, newcomers will have enough experience and resources to try something new and different from what the Star Chart missions are.
  • Change the Junctions' tasks and rewards.
  • Little Duck will no longer appear in Disruption missions and Demolishers should no longer be presented as Alad’s creations. A suggestion for a change would be for Ordis to replace Little Duck, change the conduits for terminals, and present the Demolishers as special experimental units (or kamikazes). The only Disruption mission that will not change is Ganymede – Jupiter (which is available after completing the Chimera Prologue).

Optional: To further enrich the Warframe story, some Star Chart missions should change, whether it's the transmission or the context:

  • Zanuka Hunter and The Grustrag Three will be special enemies of Hijack missions (Sorath – Europa and Marid – Sedna, respectively), where it’s mandatory to kill them to progress.
  • The new boss of Neptune will be Razorback (controlled by Nef Anyo). While the mission on Erpo – Earth will be a Fomorian Sabotage.
  • Darvo will help you on the Hijack mission of Europa. When you hack the Cargo Rover, Frohd Bek will appear in the transmission and he will prevent you from completing the mission by sending the Hyena Pack and a Zanuka Hunter (who stole from Alad V after his defeat on Jupiter), and while the mission is taking place, Darvo and Frohd will argue throughout the entire mission (similar to the Tactic Alert Ties That Bind).

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