Some thought on Warframe’s writing systems

1) On the decipherement of the Necralisk scripts

I'm planning on applying myself to deciphering the writing system of the Necralisk. Should be straightforward, since I'm assuming, like the rest of the writing systems in the game, that it encodes English. It's be helpful if people could help establish a corpus* of clear photographs of the text in the script. Things that I still need good photographs of: The rotating ball in the doorway, the doors themselves, the writing on the walls (don't forget Loid's room), and on those smaller balls hanging from the walls that glow. There's text around their bases, and what appears to be a symbol on their top. The Necralisk captura scene should help for those.

I'm also wondering how many people have noticed that if you take the captura free cam up to the ceiling above the glowy pit in Loid's room, there's a ton of writing there? It appears to be a lot of math, equations, diagrams, and possible Entrati writing. It's pretty hard to see from the ground.

*Not THAT kind of corpus. Corpus here means a collection of text.

2) Orokin script

Often mislabeled as an alphabet, the Orokin script is actually an abuguida. On the Wiki especially the term alphabet is used extensively, and they even go as far as to call Arabic alphabetic. I think the proper labelling here is important because A: understanding the structure of the writing system is important to propery deciphering new inscriptions, and a lot of decipherment mistakes I've seen have been caused by people deciphering the text as if it were written in an alphabet. B: Because it's actually MUCH easier to learn the script as a small table of consonant bases to be paired with a smaller table of vowel markings, rather than trying to think about it as a complex single blob of a table trying to cram both systems into one. Someone needs to update the wiki on this.

3) Conlangs

I've seen a few people make some conlangs mostly for the Orokin abuguida, but I would still love to see the game utilize some full languages, rather than the ciphers it currently has. I understand the immense texturework that it would take to do this, so I would understand if this doesn't happen, but it would add immense depth to the game's world and lore. In the meantime, I think conlangers out there should make conlangs for the other scripts too, show them some love.

4) Ostron script

This shouldn't really be interpreted as a complaint (because I don't mean it as such), but I've noticed a few things about the development of the Ostron script that makes me feel it has a bit of missed potential. Many minimal pairs in the script that differ by voicing (t/d, p/b, or k/g etc) do so with a mark or slash through the voiced character. This is actually really cool, it's a touch of featurality. I just think they stopped with that premise way too soon (First off because they didn't do the same with sh / zh). Why not do something similar for closely related places of articulation? s and z (with z being a modified s) could be further modified to become sh and zh. You could have also gotten away with only having three or four vowel letters, the rest changing in roundedness, frontness, and height with diacritics. This would have made it feel much more cohesive. Still love it though.


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