Sortie shortie, November 11., Wednesday; The Malevolence Machine (Lephantis)

Content of the article: "Sortie shortie, November 11., Wednesday; The Malevolence Machine (Lephantis)"

  1. Mission: Grineer High Command has issued an attack order on Sector Phlegyas, to gain a foothold on the menacing moon. However, it seems suspicious that they timed their assault to hit during a silent Void exposure. It just seems… illogical. You are sent there to investigate, and to exterminate both grineer and infested forces.
  2. Mission: After the battle at Phlegyas, you recovered a grineer comms unit, and a very special of that kind. It spills out anomalous, fragmented data constantly, but in patterns that is not recognisable by the grineer. You can barely make sense of it, but you can identify some coordinates in the data flow, which point you to an old corpus research facility at Galatea in one of the valleys of Neptune. The complex is abandoned, and it wasn't active since the Mutalist Incursions of Alad V, who apparently owed the base. However, there is still some important data located in the data vaults of the complex. Steal any valuable data from the infested site, and unveil this mistery.
  3. Mission: The recovered information brings dire news. It seems like the complex in Galatea staged experiments in methods of merging machine and flesh. The research archives detail that the research here helped bring forth the mutalist strain of the Infested. But what is more interesting, is that Lephantis, the Infested monstrosity, was able to find this place, and merge with the leftover experiments, creating a strange entity existing in the virtual world, but it's motives are of the Infested. The being is a separated part of Lephantis, but it was not here. It seemed it was able to influence Grineer radio chatter on Deimos, and cause a whole battallion to be lost in the infested orokin ruins in Phlegyas. It's current location is the Telesto sector at Saturn, burrowed in the systems of a Galleon. You must purge this disturbance, before it causes any more chaos in the system. Be on your guard; the Infestation will do everything in it's power to stop you, and destroy the interfaces. The entity also uses some kind of disruption field to block weapons that are not secondaries for the tenno.
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End of Sortie: You have purged this malevolent machine from existence, and scramble all of Saturn to be cautious around Sector Telesto. In return, a neutral colony awards you with a great treasure that flatters you and other Tenno as well.

This one turned out to be longer, as it wasn't as simple as the last one. Also, here is a nice fanart (I am not the one to credit of course). Hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more!


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