Sortie shortie, November 13., Friday; A Job for the Mercs (Nef Anyo)

Content of the article: "Sortie shortie, November 13., Friday; A Job for the Mercs (Nef Anyo)"

There was an ancident supertition, perhaps even from before the times of the orokin, that if Friday was on a month's 13th day, it would be a day of great misfortune…

  1. mission: We have received a strange transmission on a corpus channel. A corpus moneymaker has contacted us, saying that he would suggest a temporary partnership between us and the anonym corporation behind him, to put a halt to one of the newest of Nef Anyo's power schemes. His corporation or guild must be one of the opposers of Nef's power play within Corpus ranks.He warns us about an Anyo Corp. reclamation force at Roche, holding orbit near Phobos. The contract theorises that it will soon launch to one of the polar caps of Mars, to regain some lost ground from the grineer there. If we go there, and exterminate all units, he will pay up with credits.
  2. mission: Before the contract sends us our credits, he wants to modify our agreement. He recently discovered that Nef is experimenting with some kind of upgrade to his proxies, and all the detail data we need is at the Anyo Corp. Research and Development plant at the Tessera Sector. He says if we steal the his data, and jeopardize his plan, he would offer a reward of… "a very special kind". Hack open the vaults, and see what Nef wants to do next for credits and power.
  3. mission: Nef Anyo wants to patch his proxy AI. He has a Corpus vessel at Psamathe, at the same exact sector where the Hyena proxies were developed, where he hopes to make his proxies more intelligent by extracting information from a Tenno operative who was captured in the Rings of Neptune. Return them to safety, at all costs. But beware; Nef has posted his elite units to prevent anyone from getting in or out.
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That is it for today. Hope you get something valueable (I've got a shotgun riven), and be safe… it's Friday the 13th afterall… at least here.

His selfish schemes have already brought for much chaos and suffering in the system. A direct assassination is not an option.

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