Stoopid Bleedout-Built advice?

Can y'all Proframes help me with creating a loadout focused on lying on the ground bleeding to death and shoot'n at folks?

Ok so i know this is pretty stoopid since you usually don't wanna "rely" on negative-gameplay-factors like getting hurt and more so getting downed.

But hear me out: FUNsies.

I know this is a pretty strong and undefeatable point i just made and i know it isn't something very common especially late-game in the Warfarm community, so take ur time processing it.

(dis be a pun, pls dont hurt me)

But jokes and memes aside, I recently visited Warframe wiki again and refreshed my knowledge about Oberon and that his Reneval Ability (3rd) slows the bleedout of allies in range. That reminded me of the times when i was at the beginning and for the first time got the dmg-increase-while-downed mod, which why i then (like probably alot of players in that moment) just got to think about how it would be to have a built around beeing downed to deal massive damage. But even while i had a friend i played together frequently i never really tried to make anything out of it… yadda yadda yadda … i'm strafing way to far offtopic –

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So reading about Oberons Reneval i came back to the idea and now i actually wanna try that tbh somewhat idiotic built out.

So first thing i am not quite sure of, does the bleedout-timer increase apply to the Oberon himself when he gets downed while Reneval is active? I'm confident it doesn't, also either way I'd still need another player to be able to get downed in the mission in the first place and also for that player to revive me eventually. But still, does it or does it not?

Next thing i know is that there is a mod for Kubrows/Kavats that gives some percentage of "Bleedout-link", now i never really understood what thats supposed to mean, but it somehow also increases the bleedout-time. Is that right? And how exactly does it work/what does it mean?

Then: Warframe Mods. Now there's that obviously the mod that increases ur dmg when knocked, and also the mod that increases ur bleedout-time. Also the one that makes u revive allies faster which could be good for my friend to revive me faster but it doesn't seem that important since the bleedout timer halts when a revive is started. Are there any other Mods or perhaps Mod-set effects that can be beneficial for that built?

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Also: Which Warframe? Assuming Oberon can't increase his own bleedout-time with his own Reneval, which Warframes have a passive or an ability that works/has any effect while downed for which they would be a good pick for the plan? In my mind Garuda may be nice cause u can get ur own health down.

Coming to the end of the barrel: Secondaries (haha get it?) I don't think it matters that much with which secondary to use, but there's probably some that work better then others. You probably don't wanna spend to much time reloading so that u can make the most out of the limited time before having to be revived, so short reload speeds and big mags would be good. The firerate shouldn't be to slow, even if the individual shots would hit harder, missing would be more punishing especially since u cant follow an enemy behind cover. ||| Twin Rogga i think are currently my highest dmg dealing secondaries so i definitely wanna try them out, tho they're not optimal cause lots of reloads and lack of range/dmg-falloff. Gauss Rocket Pistols might be cool because of their homing capabilities but probably not gonna be great because of their minimum arming distance. Knell i think could be great if i cam get enough enemies and keep that buff up, definitely wanna try it.

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P.S.: I'm rather new to posting stuff on reddit, sry if i didnt do smthm right.


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