The Buzlok Has Been Bugged for 2 Years today

Content of the article: "The Buzlok Has Been Bugged for 2 Years today"

Chimera update 23.10 was 2 years ago today. It was a substantial update, adding the chimera prologue quest, the Paracesis, arbitrations, and tons of changes and fixes. For most it was just another update, but for me it was the beginning of a long and fruitless fight for my favorite gun.

In the patch notes listed here you'll find a line that briefly mentions weapon aiming changes, specifically for projectile weapons. Unfortunately it does not go too in depth about what actually changed, but we can still see the effects today. For example the bolt series of weapons (among others) now have a noticeable curve to the end of their projectile flight path.

To get back to the point this change destroyed the buzlok's accuracy. Before the update the Buzlok had great accuracy both while aiming and hipfiring, and not just because of the homing beacon. This can be seen

in this video that predates the chimera update (warning video may be loud). Note specifically how the projectiles act when fired from the hip. Now the buzlok fires in a wide shotgun like cone. I've done my best to try to capture how poor the accuracy has become in

. Mods such as recoil reduction and flight speed make no difference in the accuracy loss.

Along side the reduction of accuracy the buzlok also lost one of its most defining features, its pronounced bullet trails. The comparison between old and new can be seen in the previous videos posted above. Somewhere along the way the effect was diminished and now outright uncolorable . no matter what visual settings are chosen. This paired with the scope ui no longer filling the whole screen makes the buzlok a rather unpleasant mess to look at.

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I have posted about these outstanding bugs on the official forums once a month, for 8 months, with no official response. I personally cannot provide anymore proof that this weapon is severely broken. The buzlok has been bugged for so long most players who have picked up the gun recently (or within 2 years) would assume that it is functioning correctly, so I wrote this post to shed as much light on the issues as possible.

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