The Codex Lexicon: A Complete Guide to Uncommon, Rare, and Niche Scans

(Content up to date as of 3/8/2021, update 29.9.1 on PC)


The following guide contains information on all uncommon, rare, or niche scans in the codex, including how to best obtain them. This guide assumes you’ve already completed the arbitrary scans, and want to focus on the ones you actually have to go looking for. Some scans are unobtainable now, however, so be sure to sort by name when checking off completed scans.

The Find command is your friend here. Ctrl + F on Windows.

Please bear in mind I am only a human, and this 4,500 word guide is bound to have typos or grammatical errors. If you see glaring errors that prevent easy searching, let me know and I’ll correct them.

TL;DR: This is by no means something that has to be completed in the game. There is no gameplay benefit to having a complete codex aside from the Detect Vulnerability augment if you really wanna split hairs. If you’re a completionist like me though, and want to finish your codex without endless searching, then by all means read on.


Eximus: Most Eximus versions of arbitrary enemies have a %chance to spawn in, increased as the global alert level increases (Alarms, Lockdown, After Capture targets notice you, etc.), with lockdown granting the highest chance. Some eximus require extremely high levels or other means to spawn, such as Eximus Wave effects in Disruption; these situations are covered on a case-by-case basis.

Disruption effect-reliant scans: Failing a conduit with a negative effect retains the effect for the rest of the round. Doing this for Eximus Wave and Pack Hunters effects greatly increases the time available to get specific scans.

Railjack/Archwing enemies: Many of these enemies are hard to track down with the scanner and cannot be auto-scanned by Helios. For these situations, use Astral Autopsy on your arch-melee or utilize Amesha’s Warding Grace to slow them down.

Aborting: When you abort a mission, you get to keep the scans you’ve made. This is important for one very specific entry with the Hidden Messages quest.

Helios versus Synthesis Scanner: Helios is great for lazy players or when there are overwhelming amounts of things to scan (like when new content drops). If enemies are incredibly rare, it’s wise to bring a way to force them into unaware state if possible and utilize the Cross-Matrix widget (also useful in general). It doesn’t show, but the Synth scanner can actually double dip if C-M triggers, alotting four scans and instantly finishing some scan quotas (This also applies to Simaris rep farming, you can actually max out in just one run of Kuva Fort Exterminate)

Ghost Scans: There are a myriad of scannable objects (and some enemies) that even though they can go from Orange to Green, they cannot be found in the Codex (For example, Sentient containers in Anomaly objectives). As such, I will not be covering them here.


Italics = Unscannable entry

Bold = Rare scan or otherwise high-commitment entry


· Aerial (+his Dargyn)/Plains/Recon Commander: Three minibosses found in Assassination bounties in the Plains.

· Artificer: Only appeared during Shadow Debt. Unscannable.

· Baliff Eximus: Can spawn in Kuva Fortress (Assault) in three specific places; once during the Gate Breach phase, and twice more potentially at the Cannon Shutdown and Telemetry Reconfig phases. Activating alarms before approaching their spawn points or Sortie modifiers are the only ways to get the Eximus, and it’s still RNG at that point. This scan can take some time if unlucky.

· Blite/Pyr Captain and Glacik/Lektro Commander: Four minibosses found in Galleon objectives on Kasio’s Rest, Flexa, or Korms Belt in Railjack.

· Carabus/Leekter/Shik Tal/Vem Tabook: Carabus are spawned in by various enemies, most notably, the Grustrag Three (A Mark-type Assassin provoked by supporting Corpus in invasion 5 times consecutively). Don’t forget to scan the Grustrags themselves when they spawn, as they are fairly weak. Used to be easily scanned on Law of Retribution or off of Artificers but are now just a little harder to get ahold of. Beacons can also be bought off Baro when he has them.

· Draga, Darek Draga, Shock Draga, Sikula: Found in Sharkwing sections on Uranus at varying rarity. Recommended to use Astral Autopsy.

· Drekar unit Eximus: Some of these enemies may require either very low or very high levels to spawn while the alarms are on.

· Executioners: These enemies are automatically scanned when they spawn in in Arena, and do not need to be manually scanned.

· ??? (Between Flameblade and Frontier Butcher in name order): This entry has never appeared in-game and can be safely ignored.

· Garv/Lancer and Trooper Survivor: Though they fall under Grineer, they are allies with the Tenno and appear in Deimos surface bounties. Each time they appear, even in the same session, they can be scanned again.

· Ghoul Auger Alpha/Rictus Alpha/Ghoul Target: These enemies only appear during Ghoul Purge, a recurring event with specific bounties on the Plains.

· Kavor Defector 1/2/3/4: Only appear in Defection missions. Show up under Grineer even though they are allies with the Tenno.

· Kuva Dargyn: Often out of range of Helios, but appears in the Gate Breach phase of Assault missions. Of note, you can complete “Shoot X Dargyns w/ a bow” rivens with these Dargyns.

· Kuva Hyekka: Only appear while the “Pack Hunters” effect is active during Kuva Fortress Disruption. Recommended to bring CC or Heliocor.

· Manic Bombard Eximus: This one is a doozy, but it is gettable. This enemy can only spawn in during Uranus Sabotage if you get a specific lab tile (not the raw lab destruction one). You need to get enemies to activate the alarms, then lockdown without triggering the spawn, and even then, you only have a small chance for it to spawn as an Eximus. This is one of the more tedious scans to obtain, so be prepared for a grind. It only needs 3 scans though, so Stealth Simaris Scanner can potentially one-shot this scan.

· Nightwatch Enemies: These enemies were only available during Project Undermine, and all but the Power Carrier and Reaver appear once a year during the Anniversary Alerts. Speculation says the Reaver can show up on extremely rare occasions, but I can’t corroborate that.

· Ogma: The Bombard of Grineer AW. Shows up in higher level content.

· Orbital Strike/Propaganda Drone: Spawned by Vay Hek during his Terra Frame phase. The Terra Frame is very weak so it’s easy to skip this scan by accident.

· Roller Sentry: Spawned by Kela de Thaym during her boss fight.

· Shield-Hellion Dargyn Eximus: These are the hardest Grineer AW enemy to find in the wild, but this concept applies to all the Eximus in this category. Staying in AW Interception (Uranus) for longer periods of time causes them all to spawn eventually. Easily achieved with Amesha or Elytron.

· Zeplen: Only shows up during Fomorian missions. Fun fact, your Eyes of Blight score on profile is your current highest fomorian damage. My best is 66M.


· Amalgam Eximus: There’s a chance some of you may have already finished these, because three eximus of a random amalgam always spawn in every five waves in Defense and at the end of each Interception wave on Jupiter.

· Armaments/Sentient Research/Vivisect Directors: Easy to miss, pushover minibosses that show up in the second phase of the Profit Taker Heist.

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· Attack Drone Eximus (two identical entries): These can be confusing as when Grineer deploy Regulator drones that spawn as eximus they become these. The second entry is the drones deployed by Anti MOAs that spawn as Eximus.

· Elemental Hyenas (Cinderthresh, Icemire, Rabbleback, Gyre): spawned by the mini-Raptors in the Orb Vallis at high alert levels.

· Corpus Cestra/Sniper/Supra/Trencher Target: Four minibosses from assassination bounty stages in the Orb Vallis.

· Datalyst: Only appeared during Shadow Debt. Unscannable.

· “Demolyst”: This is a clone deployed by the Demolyst Machinists’s Osprey.

· Demolyst Osprey: Deployed by Demolyst Machinist.

· Gox: The Tech of Corpus AW missions. Can be found in the popular leveling spot on Neptune.

· Jackal Eximus: This is probably the hardest scan to complete in the entire game. The only way these can show up is during Thermia Fractures, a recurring event in the first week of each month on the Orb Vallis. By putting two canisters into a fracture, Eximus Burps can occur (not recommended to do more than two as other Burps start happening at 3 or 4 Canisters). When, and only when a Jackal spawns in while an Eximus Burp is in effect, they might spawn in as an eximus. On top of being so rare, they also can’t be left unaware by Ivara for long enough to stealth scan them. This is incredibly time consuming, and you can easily farm this scan for hours with no luck. I only finished mine because I got lucky while helping a rando farm Thermia, and my Cross Matrix Widget hit.

· John Prodman: Because it will inevitably be asked, I have to make a note that John Prodman does not have a Codex entry, nor can he be spawned in the Simulacrum, even if you finish his scans with the Heliocor or Atlas’ Ore Gaze.

· Juno Geminex/Glaxion MOAs and their Eximus: These scans are a little more involved, but if you participated in Orphix Venom, they appeared quite frequently, and you may already be done with these. These MOAs are such high minimum level that you must stay in endless missions for quite a while before they start appearing. It may have changed since I did them, but it took me an hour and a half in Disruption plus an Eximus Wave to finish off the eximus scans.

· Juno Nul/Sap/Slo (Mundane): These scans are bugged. The eximus versions of these units do not exist in the game but scanning the mundane ones that spawn counts as if you had scanned the eximus versions. The only way to get their mundane scans is by killing them with a charged shot from the Ballistica Prime, which spawns a short-lived specter of them, and scanning that (Helios takes too long). Once you get the timing down, they’re not hard to farm, but you can’t get these on accident.

· Juno Sniper Crewman/Nullifier/Tech Eximus: Same song and dance as the MOAs mentioned above, but they don’t take as long to spawn in.

· Latrox Une: If you know who he is, you’re tired of seeing him. The silhouette in the codex is incorrect, but he can unavoidably be found in Deimos surface Bounties.

· Leech Osprey: These used to be common but are now considered fairly rare. Community speculation says Galatea on Neptune is your best bet. (If you know a better location, let me know)

· Locust Drone: These tiny AW enemies are deployed by Carriers in Corpus AW, and are hard to track, but easily scanned with Astral Autopsy.

· Lynx Turret: The miniboss in Void Sabotage spawns these; they’re easy to miss.

· Nemes RT: Spawned by a Raptor Variant in the Assasination node.

· Nemes Ranger/Scout: Another scan you can’t find by accident. These drones are found together at the end of the Rush AW mission on Phobos. Taking Amesha makes it a breeze as its 1 and 3 ignore the cryo mines.

· Penta/Quanta Ranger Eximus: Can be found in the popular AW leveling spot on Neptune.

· Protea Specter: If you failed to scan it during the Deadlock Protcol, the quest can be replayed!

· Razorback: Only shows up during Razorback Armada. Hard to miss.

· Scavenger Drone/Eximus: These enemies used to be fairly common, but now are considered very rare. They can show up eventually in longform Jupiter Defense/Interception, and rarely in Alad V’s Assassination mission (If you know a more consistent way let me know).

· ??? (Between Shield Osprey Eximus and Shockwave MOA in name order): Silhouette is clearly a Dargyn of some sort, but this entry has never been seen in game. You can safely ignore it.

· Terra Eximus Enemies: In the process of farming for Jackal eximus, you are likely to come across most of the possible eximus you can find. Otherwise, capturing the bases (not a bounty phase) and engaging with Toroid farms should passively grant you these scans. Just keep in mind that “Elite” means high level and without that affix, low level.

· The Sergeant: Too powerful to scan. Only those who come very well equipped for the Steel Path have a chance at getting the scan before he annihilates them (But seriously you should use the Heliocor because he can literally die from a jump slide kick).

· Vapos Aquila: Can be seen swooshing by on specific open-air tiles. You must be very precise with the Scanner to catch them, but you have unlimited tries to get them after you get their tile to spawn, and you only need 5 scans.

· Vapos Condor Dropship/Elite Dropship: For a long time, these were completely unscannable after the mundane ship stopped spawning after Hostile Mergers. The Elites were never scannable until Vanilla Deimos dropped. As long as the alarms are active, they have a chance to spawn in open-air tiles, usually as the common variant, but with a small chance to be Elite. Level does not affect the chance to get an Elite. I’m still working on this one due to RNG but it’s one of my last 5.

· Vapos Crewman/Prod Crewman/Detron Crewman Eximus: Hard to find in the wild as there is only one way to get the level low enough to spawn them. Only Callisto Jupiter can spawn them in, and only on the first wave, but it shouldn’t take more than a few runs. Opting for Slowva is recommended as these enemies are very weak. Some of them used to take 20 scans but that’s since been fixed.

· Vapos Ranger Eximus: Highly recommended to wait until an Eximus stronghold on Jupiter to look for these. You can still find them rarely, but Rangers tend to continuously spawn in on certain tiles (the one with the two large gas turbines especially), so Eximus Stronghold modifier on a Sortie makes it easy.

· Zanuka Hunter: One of the Mark-type Assassins (Provoked by supporting the Grineer in invasions 5 times consecutively). Just don’t forget to scan it when it spawns in as it’s very weak.


· Arcane Boiler: Spawns in at the end of Stolen Dreams, which is repeatable in case you missed it.

· Basal Diploid Rex/Eximus and Feral Diploid Rex/Eximus: All six of these entries are easy to miss without Helios as when you split a Mitosid, they are easy to not think about. The Rex always appears in Assassination stages of underground Vault Bounties, but the Eximus are pure RNG, and quite rare (See Heavy Deimos Eximus below). For some reason, the Diploids need more scans than the Mitosids themselvs.

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· Carrion Charger/Eximus: This one is pretty annoying to do. Carrion Chargers only spawn in when a Defector goes down and is not revived (take care not to pop the spawn pod after the Defector dies). This scan is very limited as only a few Defectors can die before the mission fails, and the Eximus are pure RNG. Fortunately, both only need 3 scans so if you get lucky you can do this in one go. Synthesis scanner strongly recommended.

· Heavy Deimos Eximus (Juggernaut, Leaping Thrasher, Saxum): These enemies, like the Mitosid eximus, are pure RNG. Every enemy group that spawns in in Deimos always has one Eximus among them, and if the one that spawns as an Eximus happens to be a larger, more uncommon unit, than that’s one stop closer to completing that enemy.

· Deimos Juggulus Eximus: Unscannable. No one has seen one of these yet. DE failed to implement them into the above spawn mechanic with Deimos Arcana.

· Deimos Leaper: Surprisingly rare, and you need 30 of them. Be prepared to hunker down for this as well. I recommend being underground.

· Deimos Runner Eximus: Easy to find, but you need 30 scans.

· Deimos Tar Mutalist MOA: Unscannable. The entry appeared with vanilla Deimos, but none have appeared as of yet. Can be safely ignored.

· Electric/Lobber/Nauseous/Toxic Crawler Eximus: Easy to miss. Recommended to run an infested Disruption for Eximus waves or wait for Eximus Stronghold Sorties, and bring a Heliocor.

· Lancing/Stabilization/Security Infested Hive: These only appear during the Hidden Messages quest, which currently cannot be replayed. If you already completed that quest, you must accompany someone who has not finished the quest and somehow convince them to abort multiple times, or if you haven’t finished the quest yet, scan them all and abort until the entries are complete.

· Copyrite: Unscannable. Red herring meant to catch would-be content thieves. This content was originally made by DrinkingRock on March 8th, 2021.

· Hemocyte: Because Plague Star items were moved to the Naberus seasonal shop under Daughter, it is safe to assume this event will not be coming back anytime soon. If and when Plague Star does recur, get this scan and farm as many Forma as you can stand to.

· Infested Mesa: Shows up during Patient Zero, which can be replayed!

· J3 Jordas Golem: If I recall, this entry no longer shows up if you have no scans of it, but I may be wrong, as I agonizingly only have 1/3. This was the boss of the Jordas Verdict raid, which has been retired.

· Jordas Golem/Juggernaut Behemoth: The entries for the AW enemies that show up during this boss don’t seem to be present anymore, but I digress. This boss has to be manually scanned, since the fight happens in AW, and I also recommend manually scanning the Behemoth, as it’s hard to miss and you need 3 scans for both.

· Leaping Thrasher/Undying Flyer(?): According to the Wiki, these enemies can sometimes still spawn during the Zeloid Prelate boss fight, but I haven’t been able to spawn them, and even if they did, they would be very difficult to scan without Helios. Please corroborate if you can with screenshots.

· Phorid: In case you haven’t touched Invasions, this boss occasionally shows up in Infested Outbreaks and drops Nyx parts.

· Polyp-Hog Juggernaut: Part of an underground vault bounty phase in Deimos.

· Venim Mutalist: Only shows up in Defection missions.

· Zealoid Bastion/Prelate: Part of a now permanent boss fight at the end of the Derelict/Deimos.

· Zealot Baptiser/Herald/Proselytizer: Used to show up randomly during The Emissary Night wave. No longer scannable.


These entries all take a significant amount of time to complete, as each animal has three variants and every single one needs 20 scans. Have a lot of free time when you go to collect these. In almost every case I find it better to sleep them with Equinox or Ivara to get scans and tags than use the Tranq Rifle.


· Kuaka: Spawns naturally all around the Plains during the day.

· Condroc: Spawns naturally all around the Plains during the day.

Sidenote: You can quickly farm Cetus rep by running around the entrance of the plains andsleeping these animals with Equinox. I average 10min for 31K standing.

· Mergoo: Must use Echo Lure. Recommended to use Pheremones for the rares.

· Vasca Kavat: Can spawn naturally all round the Plains at night.


· Pobbers: Fairly easy. Recommended to use Pheromones for the rares.

· Bolarolas: Fairly difficult. The uncommon has proven to be a problem RNG wise for me.

· Vermink: Average difficulty. Take Pheromones for rares.

· Kubrodon: Surprisingly easy. May need Pheromones.

· Stover: Odd call point interaction where the same starting point can be used over and over again. Still time consuming for uncommons.

· Sawgaw: Difficult in terms of hunting them down. Recommended to use Equinox to snipe them out of the sky. Bring Pheromones.

· Horrasque: Average Difficulty. Bring Pheromones.


These can be deceptively difficult, but many have cycle locks you aren’t told about anywhere until after you get their codex entry.

· Predasite: Vizier- Any Pharaoh- Fass Medjay- Vome Better to fly around and ping with tranq. Power resistant to sleep.

· Vulpaphyla: Sly- Any Crescent- Vome Panzer- Fass Better to fly around and ping with tranq.

· Cryptilex: All variants found randomly around the Cambion Drift at any time. Best farmed alongside Nexifera.

· Avichaea: Common- Any Sporule- Vome Viscid- Fass Echo lure strongly recommended.

· Velocipod: All variants found randomly around the Cambion Drift at any time.

· Undazoa: Umber- Any Vaporous- Fass Howler- Vome Echo lure recommended.

· Nexifera: These are the most time consuming of any individual wildlife. While all three variants spawn during either cycle, they only spawn in cave sections in the Cambion Drift, and are best spotted by the green splotches beneath where they hang from, or the groups of Cryptilex they try to eat. They are easy to aggro, cannot be tranqed until after they attack, and are power resistant to sleep, making it very hard to stealth scan them. Scarlet Nexifera (the rares) take a very long time even with good RNG. The bright side is you can enter the Drift on Steel Path and passively farm Steel Essence/Riven Slivers while you run around. I recommend the three adjacent caves found near the T2 Vault Mother.


· Necramech: this scan very specifically references the Voidrig Necramechs that roam about the Cambion Drift during Vome. Active Bonewidows and disassembled Mechs are all Ghost scans.

· Orokin Spectator/Eximus: Shows up in Lua Spy.


· Condrix/Gyrix/Ionyx/Aerolyst: Part of Scarlet Spear. Unscannable currently. May return in the upcoming Railjack update.

· Orphix/Summulyst/Choralyst/Ortholyst: Part of Orphix Venom. Unscannable currently. Very likely to return in the upcoming Railjack update.

· Brachiolyst/Symbilist/Tyro Battalyst/Mimic: Shows up in Anomaly objectives in the Veil Proxima.

· Decaying Battalyst/Conculyst: Shows up in Octavia’s Anthem, which is replayable!

· Amalgam Cinder Machinist/Arca Heqet/ Arca Kucumatz/ Phase MOA/ Swarm Satyr: Special variants of Amalgam enemies that show up in secret rooms on Jupiter. Here is a superb guide on how to open them.


· Saturn Six Fugitive/Wolf of Saturn Six: Technically retired, but can be spawned with a beacon from the Nightwave Cred shop. He spawns in with three invincible Fugitives for you to scan. Be prepared for a fight.

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· Tomb Guardian/Tomb Protector/Tomb Protector Effigy (Special Case): These entries all come from Sands of Inaros, which cannot be repeated, even if you buy another key, and you cannot tag along with someone else, as you must have the Sacred Vessel in your gear wheel, which goes away after completing the quest. You get one chance, and if you missed it, it is currently impossible to get the scans again.

· Clem: If you don’t have the scan, Man of Few Words is replayable. Of note, Clem only shows up in the “ALL” tab, as his faction is Tenno, and not in any of the given categories. (Fun fact: There used to be two entries for Clem; the second was from when he had just a Latron during the quest)

· Devotee: These helpful guys only showed up for a short time during The Emissary. If you went down, they had a chance to appear and revive you, then join the fight alongside you. They are no longer scannable (I missed this scan because my computer’s GPU broke and I missed out on the first half of Emissary). Like Clem, they are considered Tenno faction and only show up under ALL.

· Kuva Injector: Defense objective in Kuva Fortress Defense. Shows up only under ALL as it is considered Tenno faction.

· Stalker (Original): If you didn’t get all your original stalker scans, you can stick around a newer player who hasn’t completed the Second Dream yet. If the Stalker attacks them or they use a Stalker Beacon, it will be the base version. Note that Stalker Beacons are untradable, so to deliberately do this you would have to give the newer player the prime parts to buy one when Baro has them.

– u/-n-k- linked to this reddit post mentioning a great place to bump into players that are very likely to have the normal Stalker on their tail.

· Acolytes: If you haven’t touched the Steel Path, they show up every 5-7 Minutes after a random player gets a kill. This includes the once unscannable Misery, who was only available during Shadow Debt until now. Spawning mechanics are janky though. The most consistent areas are ODS (or Terrorem on Deimos if you’re lame) and surprisingly while farming Nexifera on SP.


Note that these sections will largely consist of links to external guides, as many of these are farms in their own right, and would take way too much screen space to describe.

· Ayatan Anasa Sculpture: The only way to scan this previously was to put one in your orbiter and utilize the Orbiter Captura Scene and scan it. This has since been patched; scans obtained in Captura do not carry back with you. May be possible in Clan dojos but I can’t corroborate this as Ayatan entries do not have scan numbers.

· Arcane Machine: Defense Objective in the Stolen Dreams quest, which is replayable!

· Cascade Bomb: Part of the Once Awake quest, which is replayable!

· Corpus Stasis Mine/Transport: Objects found in the Rush AW node on Phobos.

· Infested Tumor (first entry): There is an alternate entry of the Infested tumor that was part of the now retired Jordas Verdict raid.

· Kuria: See this incredibly helpful and up-to-date guide about finding them

· Large Grineer/Corpus exploding barrel: The Grineer one can be found in some spy vaults and in hidden Sharkwing areas in Uranus. The Corpus one can be found on Eris (used to be on the now retired Corpus Ship Tileset).

· Lanx: The original fish. Found in a specific Sharkwing tile in Uranus. Cannot be Astral Autopsy’d, and takes patience. Recommended to use Amesha to avoid staggers.

· Reinforced Glass: Part of the now retired Corpus Ship Tileset.

· Rare and Reinforced containers: These containers are as the name implies, rare. They have a higher chance to spawn on variant missions such as Nightmare, Syndicate, Fissure, etc. The only unique one is the Forgotten Grineer Storage Container, which replaces rare containers on the Earth tileset. You can cheese the Orokin rare container entry with the music puzzle on Lua, which gives a modified rare container with a significant chance to drop Forma.

· Fish: These count as objects and are best left to Helios to scan, focusing on the synthesis scanner when you get down to the last few. The Wiki contains a detailed guide for all the fish.


· Cephalon/Somachord/Frame Fighter: These spawn randomly with the same behavior as syndicate marks, with various numbers of scans needed to unlock tidbits about the tileset they’re found on.

-The Orb Vallis spawns in just one Somachord fragment per instance. A great guide for farmingthese can be found here. Note that the Plains and Cambion Drift do not have Somachord entries as of yet.

-Frame Fighter Fragments are useless, as the minigame is broken and you can only play as Excalibur.

· Cetus Thousand-Year Fish: Locations can be found on the Wiki.

· Fortuna Memory Fragments: Locations can be found here.

· The Partnership Fragments: Locations can be found here.

· Prex Cards: These are really fun to search for yourself, but their locations can be found on the Wiki (Note you must have mastered the frame to see the Prex)

· The Tenets: The Temple tile on the new Corpus Ship Tileset will grant you these in order each time you visit and put a Granum Crown in of any kind. There are 11 in total.


If you want to keep this guide on hand, you can bookmark this post, bookmark or download the Google Doc version. Or simply copypasta this entire guide to your computer in any text editor.

I really enjoyed making this! Despite the 8 odd hours it took to write, I’m glad I get to put all the information for all you completionists like me in one place, without having to do search after search. If you want easy access to this guide, you can copy paste the entire thing into a document on your own computer *taps side of head*. Alternatively you can bookmark this page or

If you see problems with my information, need something added that isn’t on this list, or know about ways to obtain or better obtain any of these scans, please let me know.


3/8/2021, Update 29.9.1: Created

Source: reddit.com

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