The farm for atmo systems is painful, at best, and broken, at worst

Content of the article: "The farm for atmo systems is painful, at best, and broken, at worst"

I'm aware this isn't a new thing in the game. I know bad (and really bad) RNG is a thing. But I had so much trouble just getting 10 of the atmo systems to rank up with Vox Solaris that I began to doubt that it was just a statistical anomaly.

My friend and I attempted to get the 10 systems to rank up and quickly figured out the "repeating the 2-minute-long phase 2" strat to try for the 10% chance each run. If you've done this farm you are probably familiar with the general method (one run shown below); it takes under 2 minutes and should make it more painless, right? https://streamable.com/055ij8

It took us just about 50 tries (capping daily standing once and nearly capping again) to get 2. The chance of getting only 2 in 50 attempts is: (50 nCr 2) * (0.12 * (1-0.1)50-2) = 7.79%. That's not a very low percentage by itself, but the (admittedly biased towards having trouble) numerous past reports I've found from other people of not getting it within many, many tries makes me think something is up here.

Even if this is not the case, spamming the same mission, however simple, upwards of 50 times just to rank up with the stupid syndicate was not fun in the slightest. It started to feel a bit like the recent Nightwave investigations, where you were placed in a room, told to find some tiny shit on the ground, and you were completely SOL if you couldn't find it because there was no guiding hand if you get stuck. In this case, I would suggest for future players, who would also have to bank on getting that drop twice, to give them a gyro->atmo->repeller systems conversion. It's been done with sentient cores so you can convert a lower-tier item into a higher one if you want, and considering the more generous drop table models that they're employing in the current event, I think that it fits in with the "you've done enough to warrant spending what you've earned for a guaranteed drop".

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