The Helminth resource costs defeat the purpose of the nerfs to roar

Content of the article: "The Helminth resource costs defeat the purpose of the nerfs to roar"

Hi Tenno,

I know there's already a ton of threads up about how unspeakably high all helminth resource costs are (especially bile), but I think one of the huge issues here is that even if all the costs are cut in half, you still have a huge problem…

Captain Obvious sentence of the year: A system designed specifically to encourage experimentation should allow the player to freely experiment.

It is safe to assume that one of the main reasons DE nerfed a hand full of Helminth abilities (Roar, Larva, Eclipse, etc) is an attempt to scale down obvious meta choices and encourage experimentation.

Problem is, with these laughably high resource costs players will not be able to freely experiment, and instead will spend what little they can get out of this system at the current recourse price to get the most meta and safe choices.

At current, almost no one (even amongst veterans) will be able to comfortably subsume over 10 Warframes and test weird meme builds, and experiment with all kinds interesting interactions. Build diversity in the game does not increase because it is far too costly.

Want to see if Revenant's Reave % based damage functions on Mirage's clones? Sorry, that is wasteful, better slap Roar on your mesa instead.

Want to put Mag's Pull on your Gara to yeet enemies into yourself and let them experience a high velocity death by a thousand cuts? Nope, probably gimmicky, it's safer to put larva on your Protea.

I, like MANY other players farmed up a lot of copies of my frames ready to subsume in my foundry. I also made my own charts and theorycrafting about which abilities can potentially work on which frames. This is sadly meaningless as even after over 2000 hours, I probably only have enough resources to subsume less than 10 frames (probably less thanks to the Bile costs), and that isn't even counting the costs to infuse those abilities on all the different frames I want to test them on.

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TL;DR version:

Helminth system is WAY too expensive for experimentation, which will just encourage everyone to go for very meta, uninteresting options. It is very anti-experimentation.

  • Subsuming should be MUCH cheaper
  • Infusing an ability onto a frame should be very cheap, if not just free.

Let me know your thoughts Tenno,

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