The problem with Railjack resources for Helminth

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I did some quick Railjack missions to give an illustration how goddamn bonkers the Railjack resources required for Helminth actually are. I did 2 Earth missions (the first one) and 1 Gian Point mission and this is the result. I then made a comparison on how many runs, one average, assuming you run random Earth missions and The Veil, would you need to get enough resource for a single feed for Helminth. Keep in mind that I had boosters on for these runs so I included the number of runs you'd need without booster (which would be doubled).

If you noticed that it would require me 58 runs to get enough fresnels then your eyes are not deceiving you. It would require someone without boosters 116 runs for it. FOR A SINGLE FEED. Because Helminth wants 1000 fresnels. Trachons is also insane. But Bracoid is even worse. Even if you run The Veil and gotten more Bracoids than on Earth, it'd still be 250 runs (without booster) for a single feed.

But it gets worse.

If you noticed how I seemed to have gotten more resources than you or in Earth compared to The Veil, it's because after I finished the mission I went lawnmowing. This is when I used Particle Ram to comb all the asteroids to find all the tiny nuggets of resources. I actually do not mind doing this because I'm weird. But I can see how this is an incredibly frustrating "gameplay" for others. You do nothing except fly around (often slowly unless you have max speed engine), combing through debris and squiting at the dark of space to find that one speck of shiny pebble because the game does not point you where the resources are. This takes 10 to 15 minutes to a good half an hour. I'm not sure if the developers actually want us to do this to "farm" for resources. Because when I didn't have Particle Ram (because I used Tether to quickly kill the enemies) in Gian Point, the resource haul is much lower. And that number actually includes combing the debris field WITH MY GUNS.

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This is the reality of feeding Helminth with Railjack resources. Even if Titanium looked the most reasonable, you have to remember that I combed through the debris field with a fine toothbrush to get those. You won't get that number just by destroying enemies. These numbers are not acceptable. At this point, feeding Helminth using Railjack resources is like building Sibear over and over again.

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