The six principles of Profit-Taker – A speedrunner’s guide.

In this post:

  1. Six principles to help you with the Profit-Taker fight, regardless of how meta or casual you are.
  2. High-end meta builds, or a playlist containing more casual builds by Nash Prime.
  3. A discussion on Zenith, a weapon that uniquely fulfils a powerful niche with no good alternative.
  4. Pointers on how DE should morph the existing, inadequate alternative into a good alternative.
  5. Ballista Measure, a mod that had its undocumented release 52 days ago, doesn't function and would suck if it did.


If you've seen Profit-Taker related threads in the past half year, you've probably seen me at least once. As of writing this post, I am the world record holder for solo Profit-Taker.

I often see a lot of misconceptions surrounding Profit-Taker being thrown around, by Redditors and YouTubers alike. I'm willing to go as far as to state that the first page of Google only returns guides featuring crap builds. We cannot blame these creatures, for the guides were rushed and brought out before the meta had time to settle. A lot of mechanics that excel at the Profit-Taker fight aren't immediately obvious or were introduced months, even years after the fight was first released.

The Profit-Taker drops 125k credits on its death, which can be doubled to 250k with Chroma's fourth ability, effigy. This can be further doubled to 500k with a personal credit booster. If your Smeeta kavat decides to bless you, it can double it even more.

TL;DR: The six principles

  1. Kill beacons.
  2. Use knockdown immunity mods. Do NOT use handspring.
  3. Make sure you can survive.
  4. Get as many elements as possible.
  5. Get as much damage for these elements as possible.
  6. Use ammo chain on your arch-gun.

Bonus: Chroma's Effigy will double the Profit-Taker to 250k credits before boosters.
Bonus: If you have it, use Zenith if you can.

The six principles, explained

1. Kill beacons.

Many people complain about knockdowns, staggers & far too much damage. Killing the beacons will reduce the number of spawns, thereby reducing the damage you get and reducing the number of times you are staggered.

2. Use knockdown immunity mods. Do NOT use handspring.

In Warframe Revised, knockdown immunity got a MASSIVE undocumented buff. Previously, resisting a knockdown would result in a blocking animation that was only several milliseconds faster than using Handspring. The buff consists of two parts: Knockdown immunity now applies to both knockdowns and staggers and it no longer plays the blocking animation.
DE is well aware of this as this was highlighted many times in a variety of posts and comments that gained enough traction to be seen by Rebecca.
They had 3 months to address it and didn't, so let's consider it a feature for now.

These changes made Primed Sure Footed the best quality of life mod in the game. If you don't yet have it, you should go for Sure Footed + Power Drift instead. This will net you 90% knockdown immunity which is FAR better than Handspring. You can add Motus mods to achieve 100% knockdown immunity while in the air.

3. Make sure you can survive.

If you die, you are useless to your teammates as you don't deal damage when you're dead. So let's avoid dying.
To achieve this, make sure you pick a frame that can survive, then mod it for some survivability. Adaptation is extremely useful here. To heal, you should get Magus Elevate, Magus Repair or both.

4. Get as many elements as possible.

To damage the Profit-Taker's shields, you need to hit it with an element that it is vulnerable to at that moment. If you don't have the element it is vulnerable to on any of your weapons, you need to make it cycle to the next element by hitting it with any form of void damage. This has a 5-second cooldown, so there is an exponential relation between the number of elements you have covered on your weapons and the time you spend waiting to be able to cycle the Profit-Taker's shields.
Hence, to minimize the time spent waiting for its shields, you wish to bring as many elements as possible.

5. Get as much damage as possible.

Investing in multiple elements means that the individual elements will be weaker. If you want to gain any benefits from point 4, you must bring extra damage. The easiest way to achieve this is through a combination of a buffing frame (Chroma, Mirage, Rhino, Octavia, Harrow, Nidus, Volt) and Arcane Avenger and/or Arcane Velocity. You can also decide to invest in rivens.

6. Use ammo chain on your arch-gun.

One of the questions I am most asked is why I never have to wait for the arch-gun cooldown.
To minimize the cooldown you get from using your arch-gun, you have to maximize your damage to cooldown ratio as the cooldown is proportional to the percentage of bullets fired. Hence, use Ammo Chain to fire twice as many bullets at the same cooldown.
After this, it's a matter of maximizing your damage per bullet. This means that you shouldn't invest too much in fire rate: it will increase your DPS but do nothing to improve your cooldown.

Of course, your choice of arch-gun also matters. A lot. While I use Imperator Vandal, I always recommend Corvas as it requires no rivens to perform without cooldown. In fact, with the newly released Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel, you can reliably oneshot the legs & body while only having a rank 5 arcane avenger active. No rivens or other buffs required.


Reminder that Chroma can get twice as many credits from the fight due to his fourth ability.

Taking into account these points, what builds do we get?

Because of how Chroma's buffs work, we have a distinction between Chroma and non-chroma (Mirage) weapon builds. If you are looking for more casual builds, I can recommend Nash Prime's builds. He has a playlist where he solos the Profit-Taker fight with


As a Chroma, you'll want to use the following builds:

Chroma. Replace Sure Footed & Power Drift with Primed Sure Footed and Augur Secrets/Streamline if you have it. Do not replace the aura with corrosive projection or shield disruption, they don't apply to the Profit-Taker. If you replace one of the arcanes for more survivability, replace arcane velocity.
Zenith. If you can fit it, you should take a higher rank Stormbringer here.
Magnetic Kuva Nukor. You can get a magnetic roll on the Kuva Nukor to cover 4 elements. Alternatively, you can use a Tombfinger secondary.
A Plague Kripath/Dokrahm | Peye/Kroostra | Vargeet II Ruhang saw. A rank 0 Exodia Contagion will suffice. Exodia Contagion will oneshot Impact, Puncture, Slash, Blast (as host) and 2 modded elements of your choice.

As a non-Chroma buffing frame, you'll want to use the following builds:

Zenith. Replace the riven with an electricity mod.
Magnetic Kuva Nukor. You can get a magnetic roll on the Kuva Nukor to cover 4 elements. Alternatively, you can use a Tombfinger secondary.
A Plague Kripath/Dokrahm | Peye/Kroostra | Vargeet II Ruhang zaw. A rank 0 Exodia Contagion will suffice. Exodia Contagion will oneshot Impact, Puncture, Slash, Blast (as host) and 2 modded elements of your choice.
Corvas. Beware of falloff with this weapon if you're using it on frames with weak buffs.

Zenith: Inifinite punch through

The Zenith is so impactful it gets its own section.

In the pylon phase, the Profit-Taker shoots out pylons, which get shields around them when they land. These shields can only be penetrated with functionally infinite punch through. Zenith can oneshot the pylons through their shields, which makes the pylon phases take 15 to 30 seconds as opposed to longer than a minute.
The ability to shoot through the pylon shields is not considered a bug, more a function of its design, but it remains quirky and likely unintentional.

Alternatives to Zenith

This part stands on its own and is meant to outline the problems with the alternative to Zenith & suggest an elegant fix to these problems.

Zenith is locked behind up to 200 days of logging in. Waiting for that is no fun, and because of how niche yet powerful the infinite punch through is in the Profit-Taker fight, there should be alternatives to waiting 200 days.

Fortunately, there is another weapon with infinite punch through that isn't locked behind 200 days of logging in: Fluctus
The problem with Fluctus is that it's a very disappointing alternative. While its punch through is infinite, its range is limited to 53-55 meters. To comfortably use it during the Profit-Taker fight, it'd need a final range of 140-160 meters.
Also, punch through doesn't work for projectiles against the Profit-Taker. Whenever you hit one of its body parts, that part absorbs all damage from the shot, even if the part is meant to be dead. This means that it is infeasible to shoot the Profit-Taker's back legs from the front: you will deal zeroes. This makes the Fluctus a useless arch-gun in the Profit-Taker fight in general.

Here's what I propose:

  1. Fix punch through not working on the Profit-Taker for the Fluctus. Stop dead legs from absorbing damage.
  2. Release the Prisma Fluctus. Give it more base range and give it a better damage to cooldown ratio. Note that this can be achieved by simply buffing the max ammo pool – this doesn't have to be the result of an insane damage buff.
  3. Fix Ballista Measure & buff it to the point where it is usable (more on that in the next section).

These 3 changes would establish Fluctus as a good alternative to the Zenith in the Profit-Taker fight, without it affecting the balance of the rest of the game in a significant manner. It could even enable a Shedu/Basmu meta for the Profit-Taker which would finally allow us to clear all 13 elements without using an arch-gun.

Note: I recognize that DE may have completely different plans for arch-guns in general as they are working on a modular archwing system, railjack revised and other cool stuff that is related to arch-guns. Still I'd, like to give my 2 cents on what I believe is an elegant solution to the problem.

Balista Measure

DE released Ballista Measure (undocumented) 52 days ago. It's the first arch-gun mod to provide a range increase. There are, however, 4 key problems with this mod:

  1. It does not function. It is bugged. It does (or did) not extend the range of arch-guns (tested in atmosphere).
  2. It is meant to provide a 20% range boost, which is laughably low. At 50% one might consider using it. When it approaches 100%, it'll be usable.
  3. The mod should give projectile speed instead of extra range. Added projectile speed is the same as added range, but better: your projectile will be faster.
  4. DE seems to not know that it is in the game, or has forgotten about this mod. I'm tagging /u/Rebulast to change that.


See the Six Principles TL;DR in the third section of the post.
Fluctus is currently a shitty alternative to Zenith with respect to the infinite punch through gimmick, and this can easily be changed.
Ballista Measure is a mod that has been in the game now for 52 days, is broken, would still be bad if it weren't broken & it should give projectile speed instead of range because that provides more QoL.

Source: reddit.com

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