The Trouble with ‘Challenging/Endgame’ content: People think they want difficult content but they don’t want it to be grindy.

Content of the article: "The Trouble with ‘Challenging/Endgame’ content: People think they want difficult content but they don’t want it to be grindy."

Aside from the problem with endgame is people have different notions of it, there is also a problem with people wanting hard content but will complain when that it is too slow/grindy (when in actuality they aren't being efficient since the game mode is hard).

'Challenging Content'

There is genuinely difficult content in the game right now but most players don't play it since it could be boring; long-endurance runs really can test you since if you arent careful a single shot can kill you so it really pushes your build to its limits, its the place where CC actually matters. People say it's boring and not worth it but it's genuinely difficult content which fair enough I understand it's not their cup of tea but builds for difficult content if it ever exists would look like those long-endurance run builds cutting out a decent amount of Warframes and weapons being viable, for difficult content to exist Warframes would have to be as vulnerable as we are in long endurance runs and enemies would need high enough EHP that our builds have to be pushed to its limits to accommodate for that. People say it's not engaging enough but have you ever seen a

you have to constantly keep an eye on your shields, be on the move, keep track of your energy and make sure Resonance+Silence is up, that is already way more thinking we typically do in a typical Warframe mission.

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I personally found arbitrations refreshing with the drones since you had to adapt to it and your build had to accommodate for it but then people didn't like that. Steel Path is a place with harder enemies with some minor benefit but not a lot of players bother running it more than once since well… it's too grindy and I agree.

The problem with Player rewards and their value

I know people want more rewards for doing such content, but then I bet you that there will be complaints that the content is too grindy if rewards are locked behind it when the whole point of Warframe is to grind and farm. The community cannot complain if they can't farm content fast enough, we should accept some things can take hours and hours to get (although I admit that the reward should be worthwhile). An example of grindy content is in games like Runescape with sets like the Ketshi Outfit, or drop chances being as low as 1/1,000 for a wand or core(referring to Nex) and as you can see it can go even lower. There must exist items in the game that are grindy and rare for hard content to reasonably exist or else everyone just has it and quickly forgets about ever playing the mode.

Rare items even if useless or minor should exist, the value comes from it being rare and having bragging rights despite it not being necessary. Arcanes were a step in this direction but they are too valuable and build breaking. I genuinely believe something as weird as the Peculiar mods or Ephemeras should be extremely rare so that when we do see it we know that its either a lucky drop or someone putting A LOT of time into the system.

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tl;dr We as a community should understand that it's ok to not get something in one weekend if we genuinely want endgame content.

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