The Ultimate Guideline to Rework Suggestions

Content of the article: "The Ultimate Guideline to Rework Suggestions"

Whenever you see somebody suggesting to rework a frame or ability please use these guidelines to respond appropriately:

  1. Every rework attempt is nothing more than an attempt to personally attack your nostalgic sentiment.
  2. Whatever is suggested doesn't fit the character. This hold true even if it is 1:1 the ability (or an augment) a Warframe already has.
  3. Every character is perfect in the eyes of at least 1 or 2 fanboys, even if it hasn't made a single appearance in PUG games for the last 6 years. So don't you dare touch it!
  4. Never allow a constructive discussion. Never provide constructive feedback. Downvote or comment with 1-liners. Bonus points for "TL;DR" or "no".
  5. Everything useful is automatically is OP – even if it takes 50 times the time to clear a room Saryn, Mesa, Equinox or Ember requires.
  6. Numbers in rework suggestions are always final. Disregard the concept and idea behind it. If the ability's power is off by more than 0.002% comment that the suggestion is bad because the ability is OP / useless.
  7. If it hasn't been posted yet, always try to be the first to write "DE won't listen", because the best way to get DE to listen is to destroy any sort of discussion before it can start!
  8. Invalidate EVERY suggestion that does not explicitly refer to your favorite Warframe. Your main Warframe needs a rework and buffs more than other Warframe. Everybody needs to know this. Always respond with "…. needs it more!". YOU MUST NOT ALLOW A DISCUSSION ABOUT ANY OTHER WARFRAME THAN YOUR FAVORITE OR YOU WILL DISHONOR YOUR ANCESTORS AND DROWN A SACK FULL OF PUPPIES.
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Joke aside lads, a few characters really need some love. It's sad to see so many topic derail. I wished we'd be more constructive. We did great back in the days of Vauban, though his actual rework was a mixed bag. I wished we could come together and constructively talk about other frames as well. Lately it has been bad.


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