There needs to be some better in-game directions because even after 1400 hours I’m still permanently strapped to a fan-made wiki

Hi, everyone, I'm Agent Snowpuff and I just came back from a small break from Warframe because I was excited about the new updates. Railjack looked cool, there were some Codex missions I hadn't seen, and I haven't even played on Deimos yet. I was excited.

And every time I get excited to try something new in Warframe, I go through the exact same motions. I log in, I look around, and I exclaim out loud, "Where do I fucking go?"

I get it. There's a rapid-fire update release schedule and it's what makes this game feel so alive. Documenting all these updates is hard to do concisely, and tutorializing it is all but impossible. And props to the fans who take the time to document all the changes and updates on the wiki.

Because without that wiki, this game would not be playable.

Every new item and gun and warframe all come from incredibly specific events, missions, nodes, actions, etc. And the game does monumentally little to actually show you where to go.

For example, I just ran through the New War cutscenes and got the blueprint for the Shedu. Awesome, a new cool weapon. So I run to my foundry and pull up the blueprint. Well, it turns out it's not made of any materials, just named Shedu components. Great. Where do I find those? Game does not say, codex entry has nothing. To the wiki I go, which says, and I quote: "The Shedu's components are rare drops from Symbilysts found in Sentient Anomalies that appear in the Veil Proxima during Empyrean missions."

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What does that even mean?? Read that sentence out loud. It's proper noun gibberish.

Thankfully, the wiki comes with all of these wonderful little blue links that actually explain everything and also test my ad-blocker's capabilities. The actual game had no info.

I get that it's advantageous for DE to rely on their fans to do all of the heavy lifting in this department, but this is frustrating for two reasons: one, alt-tabbing for every item in the game is tedious and brings me out of the game and its excitement. If I wanted to read a book, I'd just read a book. Two, the nature of wiki articles (bless them) is to give all details related to the topic. I just need to know where to go and what to do when I get there.

And I know DE knows how to do this properly already, because I noticed that newer warframes in the shop come with tooltips on the blueprints for where to get components, and the tutorial window on the lich screen actually does a pretty decent job of explaining the lich process from start to finish pretty concisely.

What we need is similar instructions for all items and we need those instructions to be placed visibly so we don't have to hunt it down. And since we already have a codex complete with every conceivable item, why not just add some text to the descriptions explaining where to find them?

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I love this game a lot, but the lack of instructions and directions makes it really difficult to come back after a break, and also to introduce my friends to it.


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