There should be more experimentation with the ammo efficiency buff, because I think it might be what guns need to keep up with melee.

Content of the article: "There should be more experimentation with the ammo efficiency buff, because I think it might be what guns need to keep up with melee."

It's not an uncommon opinion that melee is considered to be much farther ahead on the power curve than primaries and secondaries, especially with the advent of steel path, With some of the conclave mods coming to PvE like skull shots and Brain Storm, as well as the knell being fully automatic now, I've come to realize that ammo efficiency might be the key to making some primaries and secondaries more viable in my opinion.

With Ammo Efficiency, it can change the way guns are built. Take the Knell for instance. Fire rate mods effectively become a straight damage increase when the normally wouldn't because there's no reload once you get that first head shot. The problem with fire rate mods at the moment is that they don't improve DPS over time because of reloading. One of the problems with primaries and secondaries falling behind melee is that melee has no down time. Even if a gun and a melee are both one shotting things left and right at the same rate, that gun is going to have to reload at some point, and even those short seconds you take to do so keeps melee that much farther ahead.

This is why Attack speed mods are staple on melees like Berserker, Primed fury and so on, because there's no downside to using them. But when it comes to guns, Attack speed mods always come with the draw back of having to reload more often, and in my opinion can actually decrease DPS overall because there's a higher chance to waste ammo, thus causing more reloading. It's also why I think the ignis wraith is popular beyond the AoE (Yes, that is a big part of why it's used, I know). It has a comparatively low fire to other similar weapons, so it can just be held down as you go through a level with little care for ammo conservation.

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I propose that ammo efficiency mods become introduced more widely as a stat. Energized munitions already lets is experiment with ammo efficiency on our whole arsenal. Perhaps as a straight up ammo efficiency mod (which I think is the incorrect solution, at least until "Mandatory damage mods" Don't take up slots) , OR, what I propose to be the best way to implement, is that all weapons have an ability similar to skull shots/Brain storm; Maybe not to the same degree, but as an innate mechanic of guns. Each gun now comes with an "ammo efficiency on head shot" stat. This not only rewards headshots even more, but also opens up a new range of modding options to include things like fire rate. Weapons with overall slower rate of fire will be granted the highest ammo efficiency, While high RoF weapons will be on the lower end. Along with this, I suggest semi-auto rifles be given the knell treatment across the board, because nobody wants carpal tunnel as if we didn't have it already. On top of this, Each consecutive head shot resets your timer and increases ammo efficiency. As a whole, this system could give the rest of our arsenal an answer to the all mighty combo counter.

however with this, Some mods like fast hands or quickdraw become far more obsolete. SO, I suggest reload speed mods perhaps either be retooled into ammo efficiency mods, or turned into dual stats.

In conclusion, while melee has a lot more to keep up with than just not having down time, I think introducing a mechanic like this will help primaries and secondaries be just a bit more on par with melee.

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TLDR; by making the conclave mod "Skull shots" Into a mechanic innate to primaries and secondaries, it allows for more build variety and the ability to keep pace with melee, since it reduces the down time guns have.

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