To Warframe players: limbo is not bad, just polarizing.

Content of the article: "To Warframe players: limbo is not bad, just polarizing."

So after some, lets just say, "colourful" messages via in-game pms, i decided to pretend people care about my opinions. I have loved limbo ever since i first picked up this game, but most players i encounter, usually in public squads, tend to be very "emotional" with me. While yes, limbo can slow down a mission if played without much knowledge of his abilities, he is by far the best crowd control frame in the game. I'm going to leave some tips i learned from playing him for most of my 3 years spent playing. His passive: allows him to dodge to enter the rift. I usually use this as a sort of panic button, or if i need to take care of something irl. The only thing able to harm you while in the rift is nullifers or certain attacks i.e. napalm aftermath fire. Also be wary because sometimes its buggy and can seemingly randomly stop working. Also it does not consume energy so bonus points there. His first: not much not worthy, but its augment is amazing for defense operatives, such as sorties or arbitrations. It will heal the little thing everytime you banish time. I find it works best for the operatives with a max duration build with no range mods to avoid teammates and enemies from getting caught in it. His 2nd: his best ability, hands down. Any mob you put in the rift will be frozen until the ability runs out. I find it works best with a max duration build with a small amount of range with natural talent. The best for defending things like mobile defense targets or normal defense cryo-pods. His 3rd: nothing much. Basically you mark enemies currently in the rift so that if they leave the rift while marked they will be banished. Its augment is a nice fun thing to mess around with for the damage increase, but not necessary as its either overkill with most things or not enough of an increase to matter His 4th: his dome of safety pretty much. You pretty much place a bubble that puts anything inside into the rift, hence why he can be used in in normal defense objectives. Its augment can be useful, i found it works best with a solo style setup General tips: the biggest tip i have is that abilities go through the rift. So things like Mesa's 4 and Saryns spores will ignore the rift. Operators cannot enter the rift, so limbo can be used in a eidolon/tridolon setup as a harrow substitute, but not for anything more than 2 hunts a night. If you encounter a player who complains about the rift, either stop using it, or ignore them, trust me, responding usually just leads to fights. Any kill in the rift grants ten energy, so bringing Aoe still weapons like a kuva tonkor, or guandao prime work amazing Anything other tips you guys have would be much appreciated. I would show my builds, but my main internet decided to stop working today so i cant. Good luck tenno, and stay healthy and happy!

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