Warframe 2020 stat stick guide for Khora/Gara/Atlas and others

I keep seeing the same questions on reddit so I decided to make a short guide on stat sticks for warframes that make use of them.

Let us start with what stat sticks are and how they work. They are melee weapons that enhance your abilities directly or indirectly. Their stats don’t matter, only the mods you put on them, their riven disposition and in some niche cases their passive. If you are using a stat stick you should not be using it to hit enemies but only to enhance the respective melee ability you are equipping it for.

Abilities affected by stat sticks currently are: Ash Bladestorm, Atlas Landslide, Baruuk Serene Storm, Excalibur Exalted Blade, Gara Shattered Lash, Khora Whipclaw, Valkyr Talons, Wukong Iron Staff

The best stat sticks are weapons with a high riven disposition.

Amphis is currently king with its 1.5 disposition.

As of Update 28.1 Xoris currently resets its combo whenever you use any of the abilities affected by stat sticks so it is highly recommended to use any other melee.

Venka Prime is currently the only weapon in the game that can reach 13x combo which makes it an ok stat stick although it has a really low riven disposition (0.8).

For all builds there are two possible approaches to keep combo up, either use Drifting Contact or Naramon Power Spike passive.

Notable mention: Melee Augment Mods are nice with their +100% damage but due to lower riven disposition it is usually better to use another weapon since even a tiny riven disposition difference will more than make up for the +100% damage VS +90% elementa/IPS damage mod difference. Without a riven weapons like Jaw Sword, Mire, Dual Cleavers, etc are your best choice.

Non riven build: replace the riven in my builds with a +100% damage augment for the weapon you are using (Jaw Sword, Mire, Dual Cleavers, etc). Non riven builds are more than viable so don't worry about getting a riven.

These are my current stat sticks for Khora/Gara/Atlas

Khora Whipclaw

Stats priority: Critical Damage > Damage > Elemental Damage > Impact/Puncture/Slash Damage > Critical Chance > Combo Duration > Status Chance

Explanation: Your aim is to increase critical damage as much as possible due to the super high base critical multiplier. Using Blood Rush and Weeping wounds is recommended while sustaining combo duration unless you are going for a short mission where you can't stack combo. More critical chance on riven has diminishing returns with Blood Rush.

Note: Accumulating Whipclaw provides an additive +350% ability strength so when modding Khora strength is not that important.

Example Khora stat stick for Naramon

Gara Shattered Lash

Stats priority: Damage > Elemental Damage > Puncture/Slash Damage > Combo Duration

Explanation: Since Shattered Lash has no critical chance or status chance you should aim for flat damage. Her damage is affected by combo counter as of Update 28.1. Do NOT use Impact mods on her stat stick since Shattered Lash does no impact damage.

Example Gara stat stick for Naramon

Atlas Landslide

  • The target and enemies within 2 meters are dealt 100 / 200 / 300 / 350 📷 Impact damage as a melee strike with a 200% critical damage multiplier, a 5% critical chance, and a 5% status chance.
  • Base Damage × (1 + Damage Mods) × (1 + Elemental Mods) × (1 + Strength Mods).
  • Landslide gains 25% additional damage for each combo multiplier, up to a 3.75x damage multiplier at 12x combo, or 4.0x with 📷 Venka Prime equipped at 13x combo.

Stats priority: Damage > Elemental Damage > Impact Damage > Combo Duration

Explanation: Since Landslide has low critical chance and low status chance you should aim for flat damage.

Example Atlas stat stick for Naramon

Ash Bladestorm/Baruuk Serene Storm/Excalibur Exalted Blade/Valkyr Talons/Wukong Iron Staff

Technically these abilities are not affected directly by stat sticks. Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds etc don't affect them and neither do other melee mods. So why are they listed here?

These abilities are only affected by the Gladiator Set mods

Set Bonus: +60% critical chance, stacks with Combo Multiplier (10% per mod equipped).

The best weapon for a stat stick in this case is Venka Prime so at 13x combo you will have 13×60%=+780% critical chance.

Note on Ash Bladestorm which is also affected by attack speed unlike the others in this group:

  • Animation speed is affected by mods that influence attack speed (e.g. 📷 Fury), 📷 Speed, 📷 Warcry, and 📷 Arcane Strike. Animation speed is not affected by the base weapon's attack speed, 📷 Berserker, or casting speed mods (e.g., 📷 Natural Talent).

Deconstructor stat stick for all melees and the abilities listed above

You can use Gladiator Might, Gladiator Rush and Gladiator Vice on deconstructor to gain the 1x combo bonus (Deconstructor can't gain combo) of the set (+30% critical chance) but it's nowhere nearly as effective as a seperate stat stick. Note that while the gladiator set from Deconstructor does not stack with the one equipped on your melee stat stick you can use it in the case of Khora's Whipclaw to gain even more critical chance.

PS: Please correct me if I missed any major point about stat sticks.

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