We need to talk about the state of Ropalolyst

Content of the article: "We need to talk about the state of Ropalolyst"

This week's nightwave challenge is to fight Ropalolyst. I thought cool, ill just do it in a public lobby to get by it with the least amount of headaches possible. But that is when the problems started.

Ropalolyst is in a seriously buggy state that I was left completely dumbfounded on. Even the "worst" bosses in Warframe have some redeeming factor them, such as The Sargent being killed in 2 seconds so the mission is done and over with, or how Tyl Regor's troops getting stuck behind the wall at least can still be shot at through said wall. One of these shouldn't be a thing that is possible but that is beside the point, Ropalolyst in its current state is completely unfun, frustrating and bewildering to witness.

Bugs that I encountered in that single run through I did:

– Ropalolyst sometimes just did not attack the electrical point things and stood still until it decided to move again.

-Ropalolyst could cause you to start walking in mid air and essentially make the game think that the air is now a whole floor that you can not crouch, jump, slide or transference out of after it does it grab move.

-You can get stuck on Ropalolyst after mounting him, and apparently the game doesnt count you as being mounted so you are just stuck there. Indefinitely. And no /unstuck does not work for this and neither does it work for the point above either if anything it makes it worse as your character model becomes one with Ropalolyst.

-Ropalyst vanishes below you and then reappears in the middle of the arena during its final stage of the fight when the giant blue laser is used on it.

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– Ropalolyst sometimes will not spawn enemies. Period.

– Ropalolyst when he dies and you had the mounting bug activated will make it so that you are just permanently left on the ground in the "fallen over" animation indefinitely. I could not find a single way to break out of it, and although you still take damage there are no more enemies that can hurt you at that stage of the boss you are just stuck there. Forever. I had to rely on my allies to wait out the extraction timer to complete the mission, meaning that if you attempted this solo and were unfortunate enough for this to happen to you the mission is impossible to complete. This is unacceptable.

Please DE look into these issues as soon as possible, Ropalolyst can be a fun boss but it needs a big clean up. I do not remember back when it came out and I was farming for Wisp the boss being this ungodly buggy, I do not know what conflicts it may have but these bugs I have encountered in this single mission alone far outweighs the average amount of bugs one may encounter ever playing warframe perhaps (unless we are talking day 1 patch bugs)

If anyone else has any more information please help spread the message.


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