Weird Lavos Builds

I'll admit, I was a Lavos hater initially. I couldn't get into him, and I didn't love the way I was trying to use his abilities. Then I read a little around here, experimented some, and found some pretty fun features that make him more unique than just "spews status, doesn't use energy."

Some key things:

  • Lavos is super tanky by default. You can go without survivability mods at all, or you can take it to absurd levels.
  • Lavos doesn't need energy or efficiency. You can skip Flow, Arcane Energize, Zenurik, etc.
  • Lavos has built in ammo mutation on his 3. You can use otherwise impractical weapons with a lot more freedom, including archguns.

The big takeaway: Lavos leaves a ton of room for build creativity.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to talk about some creative builds for Lavos. Is anybody running something besides the standard min/max stacking with good or fun results?

Example 1: Lavos Build – Lavos: Mecha mods and status effect extraordinaire – Overframe

This guy is using a kubrow with Mecha set mods to make status bombs! You could do this with any frame, but it fits the Lavos theme and it's easier to fit in his slots than it would be on some other frames. Also blowing up the market target puts status on the whole room, so the survivors are primed for the #4 nuke. Better than just hosing them down with a Kuva Nukor? Maybe not. But it's creative. I think these work on predasites too, so bonus procs from all their weird abilities.

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Example 2: 100% archgun up time

I built my Lavos with 3x Umbral mods and a lot of range. Any time I wipe out a large group, I send out his #3 drone to convert all their drops to universal ammo. I have no problems keeping most archguns out for whole missions, even in endless modes and Steel Path. He's just super tanky and can mow down whole swarms of enemies with the Mausolon, and 1 shot sortie level disruption demolysts with the alt fire. I also have a Cortege for infested missions, because it feels much more like an Aliens-style big bad bug killer than the Ignis Wraith.

Got any non-standard Lavos builds worth sharing? Weird interactions you've found?

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