With Chroma Gaining A New Cycle Mechanic It’s Time We Review how Cycle Mechanics Work And Update Them To Be Less Clunky

Content of the article: "With Chroma Gaining A New Cycle Mechanic It’s Time We Review how Cycle Mechanics Work And Update Them To Be Less Clunky"

So I think most people here have used a cycle ability in Warframe whether it be Minelayer on Vauban or Quiver on Ivara. Yet without fail these abilities always feel like they come out clunky sine you have to slowly scroll the wheels to select the power then you have to actually use the power you want. While this sounds pretty fast on paper, in game it's just too slow to really function well when most other abilities are instant without needing to scroll for the right now. Such as on Grendel it can be a pain to keep your buffs running since it takes so long to constantly switch between buffs and then use them with such a short base buff duration. Or trying to lay down a bunch of traps with Vauban just becomes tedious.

So there are multiple ways to go about fixing these abilities I feel. My preferred method would take some tweaking with the UI and how abilities function but I think would provide enough customization to be the least burdensome on a player.

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On any of these cycle abilities there's is without fail one or two of them that are either useless or just kind of underwhelming. I suggest being able to remove extra abilities from the cycle wheel so you have less to scroll through. And if you end up with just two abilities on the cycle wheel then it becomes a tap/hold power like Protea's first ability which not only has good utility but doesn't feel burdensome to use.

The other more popular method I see thrown around is having a gear menu type interface pop up when you hold the button to switch abilities. This would let you quickly select which ability you wanted to cycle to like the gear menu, though in this case I would like it to be a bit smaller so you could quickly snap your mouse or controller in one direction and switch to one of the abilities popping up.

A third way of going about this and the easiest but least effective way of fixing this would be letting you bind the specific cycled abilities to a hotkey instead of just binding the main ability button to it. So say I could bind Grendel's Nourished Energy buff to the 7 key, Nourished Armor to 8, etc. This would be limiting for console players though as they don't really have too many buttons to spare and doesn't address the issue of the whole cycle ability section being awkward to manage.

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Anyways, I'm not really sure how much the Warframe community at large cares about this issue as posts along these lines rarely gain much traction but it has always been a thorn in my side since I want to use these abilities but they feel too clunky to use. On a final note though, can we be allowed to change tap/hold preference on a frame by frame basis instead of something in the settings menu?

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