Xaku definitely lives up to it’s title as the “broken warframe”, few of it’s abilities work with eachother at all

Content of the article: "Xaku definitely lives up to it’s title as the “broken warframe”, few of it’s abilities work with eachother at all"

So to prevent myself from getting burnt out on Deimos, I've been messing around with Xaku and trying to find the appeal of this frame that visually looks very neat and interesting, but in gameplay falls short in a few ways.

Namely Xaku's abilities don't really mesh together very well, save two of them.

Xata's Whisper is a simple self-buff that gives your weapons additional Void Damage, and that's fine, it doesn't need to do anything else, but I feel like it's odd that it doesn't do something else that you'd think it should do and that something else is:

Allowing Xata's Whisper to affect Grasp of Lohk's damage per shot, or by increasing the damage dealt by enemy scaling would definitely improve the ability outright. Right now, it simply can't deal enough of damage on armored targets without stripping armor from what you're trying to kill. On top of this, the aiming of the stolen weapons shouldn't lock onto damage immune targets (such as those targetted by "Gaze" on their third ability). I find myself forgetting about this ability because it's simply much faster to use my own gun than steal them from my enemies.

The Lost has one good ability and two "alright" abilities. The good ability is "Gaze", the one that allows you to target one enemy and create an area around it that strips the armor of those around it. This is a good method of directly increasing your damage. Using Gaze is the only way Grasp of Lohk is going to deal any tangible damage, so get used to using these two together. "Deny" is a fairly weak laser that causes enemies to float, which is a simple CC that works okay if you actually manage to hit anything with it. "Accuse" is a much better CC since it forces Radiation on everything it hits and makes enemies no longer target you, but since the game considers them "allies", Grasp of Lohk will no longer target these new "allies" of yours, rendering this ability useless when paired with Accuse.

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The Vast Untime needs some tweaks, namely in the energy consumption department OR in the damage dealing department. As it stands, the ability costs 100 energy, has a 25 second duration, AND costs 4 energy per second to upkeep as long as it's active. That makes this ability cost 200 energy per cast with 100% efficiency. For a meager AoE hit, some slowdown, and "dodge chance" that doesn't work on AoE damage which is going to be the main thing that kills you on this game, it absolutely shouldn't cost this much. The main reason you're going to be using this ability is for the slowdown and the increased amount of Void Damage enemies take when they get hit by it. The ability doesn't need an energy drain per second, OR it doesn't need a duration. One or the other, not both.

Overall I'd consider Xaku decent, but not amazing, especially for the kind of grind you need to obtain them and the materials to craft each part. They definitely need some tweaks to be more than just a "fun" frame you bring to level 30 content because you're bored. The things that Xaku can do well for potential high level content is outperformed by other frames that do the same thing but better. Their armor strip is vastly outdone by frames like Saryn, Vauban, and Nyx, who can strip armor in a larger area with less effort needed. Their CC is outdone by those same frames and plenty of others. Their Void weapon buff is rendered mostly moot by the mere existence of Operators; I would not bring Xaku anywhere near Sentients, whose AoE attacks would render that 75% "dodge chance" completely useless.

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