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Intro: Not much to be said here that most of you guys don't already know, Zephyr is a beautiful concept but poorly executed due to how it interact with the rest of the game, specially with some levels designs, so let dive Right into my proposal for a Zephyr Rework.


This will remain in its current form

Tail Wind

Hold 1 to enter Glide Mode

While in glide mode Zephyr… Well… glides trought the air, gaining momentum while going down and losing it while going up, pushing 1 makes zephyr flaps it's wings for a burst of speed and momentum, similar to current 1 but with less intensity. On wall collision it latches automatically (collision should be at more than 30°), then you could use the space bar to keep glinding at average momentum or use 1 to launch in the direction of the camera.

While on Glide mode zephyr can't use melee atacks, using e makes her do a spinning atacks with her talons

Hold 1 again to exit glide mode or by losing momentum to a critical point.


On Ground: Same as now

On Glide: Zephyr starts spinning so fast on the air that she becomes an air vortex for 8 secs while keeping momentum and control, dealing 1000 slash damage on enemies in her path and launching them into the air, ending glide mode.


No changes


On Ground: Cast a Single Tornado (x5 bigger than current tornados) on the direction of the aiming reticle, it travels slowly for 25 seconds engulfing enemies on its path, dealing damage and absorbed damage to them.

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On Glide: Zephyr slowly dives into the ground, spinning and summoning winds that carry enemies into the impact zone, the higher Zephyr is when she casted the ability the bigger the area of effect, on landing all enemies collide with each other receiving impact damage depending on the number of them, surviving enemies are launched away from the impact zone.


Anchored Glide – No changes

Target Fixation – Increases damage on talon atack

Jet Stream – No changes

Funnel Clouds – Diving atack leaves the 8 tornados behind on the location of surviving enemies

Thank you for reading this far, please leave your comments and suggestions!

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