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Best way to play Unchained (Sienna)? I feel like it needs some changes.

Content of the article: "Best way to play Unchained (Sienna)? I feel like it needs some changes."

I spent some time looking over the talents for the nth time last night. I have sword+bolt staff loadout. Sword has cooldown reduction and staff has overheat reduction.

So, preword: I've been mostly playing Champion (with all books collected), I've played Legend quite a few times but only with friends. I think Unchained is somewhat tanky but could use some changes. I've tried out the dagger, crowbill, firesword, and all the other staves. Really attached to the bolt staff for taking out elites or speciality monsters from ranged.

Looking at the talents for temp health, she only gets temp health from hitting multiple enemies or based on stagger. Sword apparently has the heaviest stagger for some reason (at least according to the stagger number) – compared to a freaking mace or flail. Testing on champion, she barely gets any temp health despite having such a high stagger number on her sword heavy attack.

Numb to pain and Conduit seem good but only if she can get healthy amounts of temp health. Which seems to be expected. Maybe it's because I haven't actually tried the mace or flail in a game? Maybe the stagger is better? Just seems like she should have a way to either change health lost to venting to temp health, have better temp health gain (on kill?), or have a way to gain back the health lost due to venting (over time?).

Then I just want to mention her ability. It has a two minute cooldown and it's the only way to save your butt from overheating from being attacked – so you're forced to save it throughout the mission. Testing with a cooldown dagger and a cooldown bolt staff, I was able to reduce it down to ~46 seconds or so but that's still a huge cooldown for how small the AoE is. I did have the Wildfire talent on for a while, since it's great for hordes but I recently changed to Fuel for the fire. The 35 temp health would be nice but with a two minute cooldown, it goes fast. Also, taking even a normal Skaven hit on Legend can take a huge chunk out of that.

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So, I'm looking for advice on builds (with explanations) and opinions on the career in general. If you think it could use some changes.

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