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Bounty Hunter Talents Rework Needed

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To sum it up, the Bounty Hunter’s talents do need a rework, as many of them are useless or too weak to be at least semichosen. Furthermore, only one Bounty Hunter only Talent substantially boosts his survivability, which is of utmost importance given his squishy nature.

Level 10 Talents

Open Wound – This is pretty much useless. A crossbow’s crit one shots anything less than a Chaos Warrior, meaning that, against the vast majority of enemies, this talent is useless. A case could be made for the other ranged weapons, as their crits will not necessarily kill their enemies, but even then it’s kind of restricted, as it only affects enemies hit, not all damage in general. Thus, this talent is relegated to elite/boss hunting which isn’t the best use of a talent slot despite it being the Bounty Hunter’s Job. I think the only reason this one is picked is that, compared to the other two talents, this one looks so much better. – Maybe have every consecutive ranged hit deal more damage? That might make it more relevant?

Steel Crescendo – This night possibly be the least thought-out talent in the game. A TEMPORARY boost when you are out of ammo on a RANGED career is absolutely absurd. Combined with the Bounty Hunter’s lack of survivability or “get out of being downed free” abilities, and you just have a talent that is absolutely a waste of a slot, as it places the Bounty Hunter in a worst case scenario: you are out of ammo AND in melee with nothing but the player’s skill to get out of bad situations. Compare to Bardin and Kruber, who can turn invisible, or Sienna and Kerillian, who have homing projectiles that can hit multiple targets in a circular area. – I think the best change would be to have it proc on a critical headshot, as it rewards players who can maintain critical headshots even if they don’t need to use a critical headshot to kill something and rewards clutch headshots in the middle of melee. A similar but more powerful change would be to have it proc on an empty clip. In the latter case, a cooldown and/or a reduction to the buff might be needed.

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Weight of Fire – This one is OK, but IMO it does not provide enough of a boost to be justified for the weapons it’s supposed to benefit. – A simple fix would be to double the bonus it gives you currently (so 2% Power per ammo in magazine), allowing the other ranged weapons that aren’t the crossbow a chance to shine and keep up damage wise.

Level 25 Talents

Rile the Mob – Why use this? It provides an absolutely mediocre movement boost on a critical hit. While it does support his teammates, the devs are obviously trying to aim for a “deal lotsa damage” type hero, meaning support abilities make little sense here. – Simplest and in my opinion the best fix would be to boost the movement speed buff but only have it apply to Saltzpyre. Perhaps a 25 percent movement speed buff for ten seconds on ranged crit, or a 20 percent movement buff and dodge range increase on ranged crit for ten seconds (thanks to BattlesuitXV88 for this idea, he also has his own proposed revisions)

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Salvaged Ammunition – I’m mixed on this one. On one hand, it gives the ammo sustain needed for non-crossbow weapons to maintain fire. On the other hand, it still does not give Saltzpyre the survivability he desperately needs.

Level 30 Talents

Double Shotted – While absolutely excellent at killing bosses, monsters, and chaos warriors, its lack of penetration, particularly against armored and shielded foes (not super armored foes), hinders its use outside of those situations. – No changes other than a boost to penetration to allow it to penetrate shields and armor. Note that it still should not be able to penetrate super armor.

Indiscriminate Blast – This has the opposite problem of Double Shotted. While good at clearing hordes, its absolutely abysmal at killing anything else. – Allow a free, actual second blast if used again within the next…. say five seconds. A true double blast that can stack more damage should be able to alleviate some of its anti elite potential. A side effect should be an increase in survivability due to even better horde clear.

Just Reward – Too middling to be of use, 20 percent cooldown reduction per ten seconds does not make up for the boss killing ability of Double Shotted nor the horde clearing ability of Indiscriminate Blast. – Not sure how to adjust this one. Its middling nature is the biggest problem to fixing it.

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