Warhammer: Vermintide

Easiest way to do Grail Knight challenges solo

  • 2 missions in 5 seconds – get monster + tome missions in against the grain (recruit), near the barn release monster, kill it and take tome next to the entrance (just jump to get it). Remember to do first mission first, order matters here. The Pegasus Knight art is pretty cool.

  • 2 missions in 140 seconds (skin) – get tome + grimoire missions in skittergate (recruit), well, done

  • bretonnian sword and shield illusion (dont loose more than 10% hp) – take the easiest map for you on recruit. That same weapon might be useful to avoid taking occasional damage.

  • bretonnian sword illusion (Riposte monster 3 times without taking damage then kill it) – start against the grain on recruit, release the monster from the barn and hold heavy attack. You need chaos spawn or ratogre to block first three attacks with Riposte (block is enough), then kill it with ulti.

  • stop deathrattler with blessed blade (skin, the best looking one in my opinion) – play skittergate on recruit, hit deathrattler few times, then let bots attack him. Stand in front of him and just wait for the right moment.

  • finish helmgart act on legend without dying – well, its legend, so some skill is needed anyway. Two advices: you can end mission even when everyone died (but do it fast). And bots setup i find very good on legend: Ironbreaker with shield and rifle, Unchained with sword and bolt Staff, WHC with rapier and crossbow (do not take kerillian bot ever, she is terrible bot).

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