Warhammer: Vermintide

Fast Run for Xp (Duos only)

Hey guys

So me and a friend wanted to play around for abit, we jumped on some lower level characters and tried to play around with getting some fast runs done.

We found that people have said the screaming bell map to be the fastest to complete legitimately without glitches etc.

This works reletively well for most classes but to optimise for speed I'd suggest going classes that have movement abilities.

I went footnight (for the charge) and my mate went slayer (for his jump) although the wizard is faster indivudally but doesn't work well for this duo method.

We played on recruit difficulty. This is due to the xp reward for completion being the same as legendary. Talents didn't really make much of a difference however we found if the slayer tries to remain up front he can attack and clear mobs blocking the route without losing speed and I used a repeater handgun to shoot enemies at range.

The trick for the duos is to use the proxy perk on your necklace "consuming a potion spreads the effect to a nearby ally" this way we would use our abilities on cool down and pick up speed potions and ability refil potions and drink them next to each other for us both to benifit.

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If bosses spawn you have to kill them in order to progress but this can be done so quick as it's on recruit difficulty.

When you reach the bell, we split up me taking the right 3 chains and my mate taking the left 3 chains and moving to the center 3 and make our way to the gate where the rat ogre spawns. You can jump over the rat ogre as he's climbing up to the gate and he can be completely ignored.

We usually run past enemies only killing those blocking our paths, with the coordination with potions you can zoom through the map so fast and honestly we haven't laughed and had as as much fun than doing this, it felt like we were playing Mario kart at times.

We timed around 4 runs, longest taking 6:14 minutes and quickest being dead on 5 minutes without boss spawns.

You can get unlucky and get 2x boss spawns but even so that only added 30 seconds to our overall time haha it may not be for everyone but I suggest if you have a friend and you want a laugh give this ago and time your runs by the second you can move to the second both of you are inaide the teleporter at the end!

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Let me know if you have any other fun speed runs or ways of playing!

Edit: sorry may be worth mentioning this is without collecting any tomes or grimoires and the xp reward being 910xp which isn't bad if you average 5:30 seconds per mission!


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