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Fatshark livestream quick write-up

Alright! So this is a quick write-up for those who weren't there for the livestream, feel free to correct me, I don't think this is perfect! But, I've tried to include some useful information. Again, a quick disclaimer is that I am probably not 100% right on everything.

Quick news/updates!

Skins in the work "Take a bit longer than cosmetics".

They do intend to release the next big balance in summer, but their weapon balance may not come soon.

Cosmetics and Premium Cosmetics will be added "every couple of months" to lohner's emporium. There will be around 30+ new cosmetics on tuesday, all for sale on the emporium.

For now there is only one new weather effect per map, you cannot turn this off, it may affect performance for now, but they intend on ironing this out, and adding new weathers later. It will include day/night, rain, snow (what they've already talked about).

There is "more news" coming later this year that they haven't talked about.

Versus is being worked on, but they're "taking longer than expected", no real clear answer to timing.

Every single character is planned to have a new career, they want "at least one" per member. They don't have a time frame, it will "take some time" as they want to balance it out and make it cool/badass/balanced.

They do intend to rework the deed system, no time frame is given.

They also will work on more maps apparently, again little time frame.

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Kruber time!!!

Lore is already on the website describing how he becomes a grail knight, the trailer answers questions (which I have uploaded already). But basically he has bretonnian heritage, like most men do.

He has new voice lines to "bolster his catalogue". I might've misheard Marten (lead game director), but it might've been around 150 new lines (or 50, I really don't know how many are actually there per character, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a high number judging by the various maps, specials, and keep conversations). The consensus is that it's something ending in 50, as others mentioned it could be up to 450 lines.

Kruber is still classic Kruber, however, we know for a fact now he IS attempting a bretonnian accent in his voice lines (they have not re-recorded his previous lines, he just attempts the accent here and there in the new lines I believe.. Croubere is here. It is also confirmed he was offered the grail, at a lake (trailer).

New weapons:

bretonnian longsword, you can use both or one hand depending on swing. From what I've seen it has high stagger on heavy attacks, and good for aiming for headshots, the light attacks have decent cleave.

So far I've seen, light 1 (left swing), light 2 (right swing), light 3 (overhead).

Heavy attacks seem to be one-handed overhead-like swings with pretty accurate headshots and a quick or long charge time depending on what you prefer (kinda like how you can charge up the rapier, not sure if this affects damage though).

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Push attack is push + overhead chop from the left.

He has a shield and bretonnian longsword, which is "a new way of fighting with a shield and sword".

The push attack is a stab forward, heavy attacks of course have the shield bash as well as another stab. Seems like you can do a nice combo of push attack, heavy 2 for a double stab.

I didn't really catch much of the light attacks, pretty sure it was just swinging left/right, somebody can correct me though.

He is, obviously, a melee only class. Just like slayer he has two weapons to use at once.

He cannot use the Halberd or Spear as these are peasant's weapons (in bretonnia). However, other careers can use the bretonnian longsword, but not the bretonnian longsword and shield. I also don't think he can use the default imperial sword and shield.

His talent's are being revealed on the weekend because they want people to still have something to look forward too.

He of course has new passives and an ult though!

Passive skill; List of duties/vows given to him by ze lady; "find tomes", "slay monsters", "slay elites" etc. You get the blessing of the lady after completing the mentioned duty, and the buff stays with you until the end of the game (it affects the whole party). The blessing we saw on livestream was 10% damage reduction after finding a tome, but I assume there are other blessings which are randomized or maybe in a talent-form.

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Ult; Targeted melee attack "Blessed sword". It's an overhead strike which seems to do high damage, and it can cleave through enemies, it has a really low cooldown(!) It also staggers bosses!

Price: (may be wrong here)

3.99 for the full career, there is another, more expensive, pack which is 9.99 which features 2 new helmets, new colour skins, weapon illusions and challenges as well. If you purchased the career on it's own, but wanted the bundle later, you can pay for an upgrade but it works out to be more expensive (no exact details have been released on the upgrade price yet).

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