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few suggestions to solve zealot getting healed unwanted from healing auras and gaining buff stacks easier.

hello everyone

my aim is to solve getting healed from unwanted healing sources like waystalker, while making the process of losing hp and getting thp after easier and less risky.

some of the problems:

as you know zealot is a strong career and how he best work is with low hp (green health) and lots of thp (white health), with lower hp he gains buffs to his power and other aspects if player chooses, most of the zealots intentionally getting hit to reduce hp so they can build up thp sooner and more. but there are a lot of trouble playing as him with random people. first we have healing auras from: 1-healshare, 2-waystallker, 3-grail knight blessing. with these healing sources he keeps getting healed and lose stacks and to reduce hp you need get hit and repeat whole process again. not to mention the process itself is very risky and sometimes results in zealot meeting sigmar and leaving the team alone.

i will tell countermeasures to avoid exploits after the mechanic.


-give ability to convert 25hp to 35thp at any given time up until your hp is 15.

— also using this buff does not count as thp and thus will not affect thp decay delay or decay rate.

(pls note using this is entirely optional and you can play without even remembering this exist)

-as to how to activate this, i suggest putting it at the bottom of interaction wheel (holding "T") which is empty at the moment, you can still cancel the wheel by moving mouse (pc) to the middle or just choose "yes"

as for countermeasures and to solve healing problems:

-disable healing effect from any healing aura source such as waystalker, grail knight blessing, and heal share talents and skills and nature bond during healing cooldown.

-as for healing items on self, they cant e used and provide nothing during healing cooldown. you can heal others to remove deaths door and also give potions to others.

-all deaths door removal sources such as drinking potion, healing others and heal share,still remain(im no coder but i think making all healing items and heal shares, heal like 0.01hp makes things easier to code for deaths door).

this effect lasts for 5 minutes regardless of being downed or being on deaths door or not.


Q: why should i do this when i can simply get hit?

A: getting hit works but its very risky also not to mention most of the times you lose your valuable buff and on some occasions being downed. overall very risky.

Q: why the extra thp?

A: even tho having maximum amount of buffs is very good some people may like to save up their hp and activate this in critical situations like a patrol appears in the middle of horde so gain extra thp and can save the team. also not to mention sometimes to generate thp you need to go ahead of team to kill enemies so gaining thp instead is better

Q: why only 5 min?

A: usually missions atleast on legend lasts around 15-20mins and depends on the situation and/or teammates, even zealot needs to heal or just player changes his mind and not in the mood or simply wants to be healed and use buff during emergencies like bosses.

Q: why healing items provide nothing?

A: at first i was thinking of converting hp to thp with heavy reduced effect to avoid exploitiation but than relized some people may use every single healing they find so best way i can think of is to restrict their usage like this.

Q: why not just ask for a button to turn off healing from other sources?

A: originally i was thinking of how to make the gaining buff stacks easier and suddely i remembered we have healing from others problem. im not sure if that can be done for only one character and it might just only be possible universally for all careers but i wanted to make zealot gaining buff stacks easier and more pleasent while giving an option to be able to choose whether you want healing from others or not in middle of mission without going to settings.

a small buff suggestion to zealot passive "Heart of Iron":

-upon ending grace period of heart of iron give zealot 35thp so he can get back into fight faster and help the team instead of meeting sigmar.

please share your opinion and tell us what you think and what changes will be better.


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