Warhammer: Vermintide

For anyone with a weak CPU like mine (i7 4790) and want to stream VT2: I found a sweet spot in the configurations.


Hello lumberfoots.

This last week I have been trying to find a balance in my stream configuration, in a way I could stream with a decent quality, while being able to keep some good fps.

This is the best result soo far follow me on twitch please

Streaming at 864p at 45 fps. (Mostly 60fps in game)

At this resolution the stream still had a decent sharpness, and at this framerate it was still smooth enough for vermintide. The combo was light enough, soo the CPU could keep up with the rendering without making everything blurry. (Just a bit in action moments)

  • Other attempts

900p at 45fps – That little bit extra resolution was too much for my CPU, it got blurry too easly.

1080p at 30fps – The sharpness was great, but in-game fps dropped too much, (20-25% loss) and the motion is not good enought for vermintide

Finally, 864p at 60fps – While it was better in non-intense moments, it made my fps drop to 45 or lower in intense moments, and it could get more blurry than my final config. No big gains, while it costed in game fps.

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  • Configuration


I turn off the shadows and lightining setting in the game to stream since they are extremely CPU heavy (it eat some fps even while not streaming). I also use my 8 threads from my CPU.




  • I have 30Mbps of upload. You must have at least 6,5 FREE Mbps to stream at 6000 Kbps bitratio (max on twitch). This is the brandwith you make avaliable for your stream.
  • Risize output is not a must in the Output settings
  • I use Bicubic downscale filter because I don't see any difference between 16 an 32x and it cost some little CPU, you can change this if you want.
  • Even if the encoder is Nvenc (GPU based) the stream will consume CPU regardless.
  • If you have an AMD card, you may use the proper AMD codec. I don't think CPU's like mine can handle Vermintide 2 and a stream codec (x264) at same time with a acceptable performace.

I hope it help some people here, the strugle to run and stream this game is real.


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