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Grail Knight’s Bastion of Valour challenge tips

So with the new Grail Knight class probably many of you, myself included were wondering how to complete the challenge for that sweet red Bretonnian Longsword skin. I managed to do it quite quickly and decided to share my observations and tips with everyone who is still struggling to get it.

Succesful challenge proof

If you don’t have any friends to help you and you have to rely on bots I suggest you equip them with blacksmith gear that gives 5 power so they won’t kill the boss before you manage to parry him 3 times.

What you need to do is charge your heavy attack (you’ll see your stamina shields pop up), hold it while the boss attacks you, and then release it to deal damage to the boss. Edit: So apparently as u/TheRealMemeDream pointed out you don’t even need to damage the boss with riposte and it’s enough to simply block its attacks with your “heavy attack” charge.

I’ve done it on recruit difficulty on “Against the grain” map.

Run through the map untill you reach the barn section where you need to find the key- clear out the mob and when you’re certain nothing is going to interrupt you simply start the encounter. Your best bet would be the chaos spawn since its chain attacks can be blocked- thus parried and won’t damage you through block. What you want to do here is block (charging the heavy attack) the whole chain of 3-4 attacks and then release your attack after the last hit in the combo– this way you won’t get damaged. After this attack combo the Spawn will probably try to grab you- simply step back to avoid getting hit and it should use the chain attack again- repeat this 3 times and then when you’re certain you’ve blocked at least 3 hits you can finish the boss with your career skill. It should pop up in the chat if you’ve succeeded, if not it means you have to try again.

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It surely can be done with different bosses and maps, but if you want to “farm” it, its probably the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Good luck!

PS. These are all suggestions other people posted on this subreddit. I just wanted to write them down in a single post as a heads up that they do indeed work!

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    Jun 25, 2020 3:40 pm

    It’s a lot easier to do it on twich mode (recruit). I tried your barn run 3 times and I got a stormfeind (flamed me through the gate) and two trolls.

    Just type in “monstercat” in the twitch channel name, the votes will be automatic but if you just clear the first field eventually you’ll get a rat ogre, chaos spawn or minotaur. They all have chain attacks that you can easily block with your sword. Just watch out for the ogre stationary smashes, chaos spawns grabs and the minotaurs headbuts.

    Set blessings to “all blessings off”, give your bots the blueprint equipment so they do very little damage. Put the timers in your options on the minimum and change the time between votes to maximum once a boss is going to spawn. Only difficulty is dealing with twitch spawning ranged specials, but it’s very doable. If you fail to do the challenge just wait untill twitch spawns you a new one.

    You can even set your twitch spawn size to 200% if you want, you can work on the boss that has the least bots on it. I did it without, but a second boss spawned which was really useful.

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