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How does damage work with bolt staff?

Content of the article: "How does damage work with bolt staff?"

The existing breakpoint calculators are inaccurate with Sienna's bolt staff on cataclysm 3. So I decided to test the damage and do math to figure it out myself. All experiments were done with 650 power and red gear as well as enhanced power talent.

First I selected Battle Wizard and hit the doll in the keep. The unarmored doll should have chaos & infantry characteristics. I switched to no chaos or infantry damage boosts on my weapon and trinkets.

My results:

Full charge bolt staff body shot with volcanic force – 146

Full charge bolt staff body shot without volcanic force – 101.75

Full charge bolt staff body shot with volcanic force and 20% chaos + 20% infantry – 170.5

Full charge bolt staff body shot on unchained – 77 damage

These numbers make zero sense at all and I can't wrap my mind around this bogus math.

Supposedly unchained and battle wizard without volcanic force should only differ in damage from the 10% base ranged damage of battle wizard class. So theoretically, 77 * 1.1 = 84.7 should be battle wizard's damage. 84.7 < 101.75. And 101.75/1.1 = 92.5.

Ok let's disregard that weird discrepancy and look at battle wizard internally.

How does volcanic force 50% damage on a fully charged spell change things? Theoretically the base damage 101.75 * 1.5 = 152.625 should be the number. However 152.625 < 146, so how did this happen? Maybe it's an additive boost with the 10% power. So 92.5 * 1.6 = 148 should be the number. Well…off by two but still close.

So based on this logic, 20% chaos and 20% infantry should be additive damage which is less than multiplicative damage. This will be a total of 40% more damage in which case 92.5 * 2 =185 should be the correct damage. How the hell does this number become 170.50 in practice?

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I did more testing and the damage fluctuates between 134 and 140 with 10% chaos…which is lower than my number for 0% chaos or infantry. I literally cannot wrap my brain around this nonsensical math. Can someone tell me what I am missing?

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