Warhammer: Vermintide

If you’re always wiping in quick play, it might not be the “average qp player” it might be you.

Little disclaimer before we begin; I’m not humble bragging, I’m a mediocre player compared to some of the madlads here but I think I’ve improved a lot lately so I wanted to share something I’ve noticed that I hadn’t really thought of before..

From personal experience qp players can be hit or miss in terms of skill, but I don’t find myself wiping that often. Now, rarely you’ll get some dumb group who has no spatial awareness but honestly that’s a very small minority of players new to legend+.

I see comments a lot from players who are clearly REALLY salty about “bad players”, yet, it seems I never see these “amazing” players in qp, because whenever I play with great players, they don’t bitch about stuff. They’re the kindest players and the most patient (excluding a tiny tiny minority).

What crossed my mind is that one player is capable of carrying a team by doing the dirty work; making sure that on empire in flames somebody is getting the barrels in the cart so that you can actually stop fighting endless waves, that one player fighting to revive as a number one priority, or slap a few ratties that somehow ended up behind your team.

My point is, if you find yourself failing and feeling jaded at quick play, I’m not saying you can’t get unlucky, but if you’re wiping 40-50% of the time (or more), you might be the player you think you hate. You may not notice you’re wasting resources, using your ult at weird times for extra damage instead of utility, or maybe simply being too hungry for kills and spreading the horde in a fashion that is allowing your team to get surrounded, maybe that hunger for circles means you’re pulling the boss that someone is kiting perfectly well, and pulling it back into the horde and elites.

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A little rant-y there, I don’t like being negative, but I hate seeing people rag on other players when they might be the problem themselves. Maybe I’m a hypocrite for saying I hate negativity and being negative myself, but a little venting may help. I generally see this community as welcoming and I hate when I see a small minority complaining constantly.

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