Warhammer: Vermintide

Join Us for the Vermintide Community Festival April 16–18!


The turn of a new season brings with it a new community event.

Please join us for the inaugural Vermintide Festival April 16–18 streaming on http://www.twitch.tv/fightthetide!

This is a three-day celebration celebrating all things Warhammer: Vermintide—The End Times, featuring gameplay and speedrun showcases, developer and voice actor interviews, community member panels, and more!

Fatshark has kindly provided a wealth of VT1-themed items for this event, which we'll be giving away at the end of each day of the festival!

Check out the schedule below!

(all times shown are EDT/UTC -4)



Time Event Title
6:00–6:15pm PRE-GAME OPENER: Welcome to the Vermintide Community Festival ft. Vermintide 1 w/ /u/Exanta, /u/yallvegarden, and u/fatshark_calavera
6:15–6:45pm AN EVOLUTION: BUILDING A COMMUNITY IN VERMINTIDE 1: Sit down with Vermintide & Darktide Community Manager Leo “Hedge” Wakelin (/u/fatshark_hedge) , and how he became involved in the Vermintide project, how the community started, and where he sees it going.
6:45–8:30pm VERMINTIDE 1 WALKTHROUGH: Gameplay walkthrough of some of Vermintide 1’s most iconic maps; discussing gameplay differences, iconic moments, and what Vermintide 2 can learn from Vermintide 1. Featuring commentary from community veteran u/Againpyromancer.
8:30–9:00pm IN NEW HANDS: WHAT IS HAPPENING IN VERMINTIDE 1 NOW? Vermintide 1 still has an active and growing community. Listen to current community members speak about what has gotten them into the game, what they’re working on now, and how they keep the player base thriving.
9:00–9:15pm CLOSER: What to Expect on Day 2 & Giveaway
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Time Event Title
12:15–12:30pm PRE-GAME OPENER: ft. u/Ishkatv and u/Grimalackt
12:30–1:00pm WOMAN ON FIRE: A CHAT WITH BETHAN DIXON BATE: Sit down with the well-spoken and illustrious voice actor, Bethan Dixon Bate, as she speaks about how she started in voice acting, and how she formed the character of Sienna Fuegonasus throughout both Vermintide 1 and 2. Viewer questions welcomed!
1:00–3:00pm DEATHWISH ONSLAUGHT SHOWCASE: Gameplay showcase of Deathwish & Onslaught mods ft. Incandescent, Core (/u/idkanylines) , Blohbloh, and Typhari. Shoutcasted by everyone’s favorite duo, u/Ishkatv and u/Grimalackt.
3:00–3:15pm INTERMISSION
3:15–4:00pm PREPARE TO CRY: THE BIRTH OF DEATHWISH, ONSLAUGHT & OTHER DIFFICULTIES: A chat with community modder U/Grimalackt and his creation of Deathwish, Onslaught, and Stormvermin Mutation; and how his mods have evolved over time.
4:00–4:30pm DEVELOPER INTERVIEW: MATS ANDERSSON /u/j_sat sits down to talk to Fatshark’s own game designer Mats Andersson about Vermintide 1’s game design, and what it’s been like being involved in the Vermintide project since day one.
4:30–4:45pm CLOSER: What to Expect on Day 3 & Giveaway


Time Event Title
12:15–12:30pm PRE-GAME OPENER: ft. u/Ishkatv and u/Grimalackt
12:30–1:00pm NEED FOR SPEED: FULLMAP SPEEDRUNS Gotta go fast! /u/j_sat and /u/SneakyPanda_ discuss the rush of fullmap speedruns, how they got started, and where the format is going now.
1:00–2:15pm NOSKIP SPEEDRUN SHOWCASE: Gameplay showcase of fullmap speedruns ft. /u/j_sat, /u/zeropathic , Blohbloh, and Obvious Trash. Shoutcasted by u/ishkatv and u/SneakyPanda_.
2:15–2:45pm PLAYING ALONE: THE BIRTH OF TRUE SOLO: Community member, educator, and content creator /u/j_sat speaks about the history of true solos in Vermintide 1, how they’ve evolved, and the pursuit of self-challenge.
2:45–3:00pm INTERMISSION
3:00–3:30pm NEW MODS, NEW CHALLENGES: Community member and modder Vernonkun speaks about his current projects and mods to inject new challenges into the game.
3:30–4:30pm NEW MOD SHOWCASE: Gameplay showcase of selected new difficulty mods ft. Vernonkun, Oogy Wawa, The Walrus, and Old Joe. Shoutcasted by everyone’s favorite duo, u/Ishkatv and u/Grimalackt.
4:30–4:45pm CLOSER: Closing Remarks & Giveaway
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