Warhammer: Vermintide

Let me tell you a story, the story of the most powerful skaven weapon to ever see the light of day

Content of the article: "Let me tell you a story, the story of the most powerful skaven weapon to ever see the light of day"

Now it ain’t some skryre machine, Moulder beast or pestilens plague no. It’s a Sienna who doesn’t understand the concept of teamwork

So let me set the scene, PS4 legend quick play, it’s on the screaming bell, I jump in as ironbreaker about a third into it. I see we have a foot knight and handmaiden, oughta be unkillable right, well for the skaven yes, but they had an ally. The pyromancer that loaded in just before me. Because let me tell you constant charged fireballs going off right next to you take their toll, and her ult even more so. And when I say constant I mean constant, they would fire almost exclusively within explosion range of everyone else, and they only stopped firing once they overheated.

Cut to about half way through the run, we’re all low with the exception of sienna, who’s been guzzling down all the healing while making the rest of us need it. A hoard spawns in and we get to work, for sienna that meant blasting us to smithereens. She downs kerillian and I go to get em back up, but even then they keep blasting and I end up taking heavy damage trying get kerillian up, but I do succeed. It would be nice if we had some healing but sienna just drank our only draught.

Bit later, as in like 30 seconds after we have a run in with a bile troll, should be no big deal, bile trolls are easy. But you know what is dangerous? Non stop friendly fire, Kruber and I go down, but are brought back up, not by Sienna of course So we’re all on grey health, and understandably Kruber and Kerillian both pop their ults to dip, meanwhile sienna’s slamming into the troll and dies of overheat, and I sure as hell ain’t risking reviving her with only a scrap of temp health, especially when I know if the troll doesn’t kill me she will, so I try to book it in search of healing and maybe catch up to the others. Predictably she leaves as soon as she dies. I bleed out and go down too, the others falling suit not long after.

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So remember kids, stop firing for 1 second if you see your teammates in the blast zone

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