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Let’s talk about Sienna and her possible fourth class

So as we now know not only is our favorite bloody battering ram becoming a right proper knight but now everyone will eventually get a new class. But FS also seem to want them to make some sort of sense from a lore perspective, even if it is a bit of a stretch. I know it's a dime a dozen speculating who will be what but going off the table top we can at least narrow it down to a few (likely) choices for each:

  • Saltzpyre: Warrior Priest. I really don't see any other one for him that could make sense.
  • Kerillian: Wardancer or Spellsinger OR something High Elf like a White Lion or Sister of Avelorn. I think while Wardancer would make sense thematically it's way too similar in play style to Handmaiden. I personally would give my left nut to see her become a White Lion and redeem their performance from our TW cousins.
  • Bardin: Runesmith or Engineer. Oh or he just becomes Grombrindal /s

So those are all ones that make sense from a lore perspective, at least on the level of Kruber being a Grail Knight, that would also be different enough from their current classes. But what do we do about Sienna? I know a lot of people have said give her a new school but that won't work for two reasons. The first being humans just can't do that, they're still to new to the winds to have that level of control over them. The other being all of her ranged weapons and half her melee weapons (Not counting illusions) are fire based. The other major suggestion would be for her to turn into a full on Chaos Witch but that can't work from lore either because there's quite literally no way Victor wouldn't cap her ass the second she turned, and the rest of the U5 (or 4) would probably help. And finally the third most popular suggestion I saw was a Sister of Sigmar but the flaws with that would be that the Sisters don't really exist anymore. Like in and out of game they are pretty well all gone. The few that remain are pretty content to just fuck up vampires and that's about it. Still that is probably the best of the unique suggestions since you could just make her melee only.

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Also of note some people suggested just a different kind of flame caster, like an "Archmage" and while that's probably the likely choice it's just a bit boring innit? We already have two versions of Sienna where she's just a Red Wizard but one where she stayed in college and one where she left. And I know there are plenty of other spells in the Lore of Fire that she could use as ultimates, I just hate that she's so shoe horned into her spot.

But what do you all think? Is she about to turn over a holy new leaf or is she just going to be a new flavor of wizard? Or is she just going to say fuck it and become a mercenary?

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