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Lingering Flames on BW is always a worse option than Famished Flames. Change my mind

Content of the article: "Lingering Flames on BW is always a worse option than Famished Flames. Change my mind"

For those who don't play Sienna, Famished Flames adds massive amounts of burn damage, decreasing non-burn damage. Lingering Flames removes the ability to stack burn damage, instead applying a single, low damage burn stack until the enemy is dead.

My "main" is Beam Staff Battle Wizard, as it's a no brainer to use Famished Flames – the beam stacks burn rather than doing direct damage, so more burn damage is always better. I believe that the Fire Sword, Beam Staff & Famished Flames build is the most optimised Battle Wizard for Cataclysm with a balance of elites (except CW) damage, special sniping (with a bit of practice on timing), horde clear and amazing monster damage. Famished Flames also synergises very well with the Fire Sword, which is uncontrovertially the best melee option for BW. Giving the high stagger, infinite cleave 1st heavy insane burn damage is just absurd. Especially when thp on stagger is available on BW. There is also the Kaboom vs Burnout question, but that is just damage vs utility, so it's highly subjective – though both do more damage with Famished Flames.

However I have been playing around in the modded realm trying to optimise the Conflag Staff, mostly trying to figure out which LVL10 talent to use. In almost all of my damage tests, Famished Flames performed much better, as expected. The decrease in special sniping damage is negligible compared to being able to stack burn damage on elites/ monsters, and the horde damage is basically the same. One could argue that LF is more heat efficient, but by hitting the horde multiple times with higher DPS you keep them staggered for longer and kill them more quickly. It seems like a win-win, particularly with BW's amazing thp gain and automatic venting mitigating the only downside of heat efficiency.

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Yet I know that a lot of top players use Lingering Flames on Conflag (PartyKnife's "Slow Cooker" Weave build springs to mind) and I'm just wondering what it really brings to the table beyond the convenience of everything being hit eventually dying? Is there a reason that this is more useful in high level Weaves than more outright damage?

On a partially related note – the Conflag on base Cataclysm difficulty feels like overkill against hordes to me. What they have in common is that they minmax into a problem which doesn't really exist on normal Cata and below. So, is the Conflag only optimal for high tier Weaves and things like Onslaught? Because it really feels like that's the case.

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