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Moonfire bow quirks

Not exactly a PSA, but I’ve seen a lot of Elves tooling around with the moonfire bow that don’t know about the 3 different charge levels, or how to stack barrage efficiently. Many popular streamers and steam guides are either unaware or just do not mention these quirks.

What’s probably most important to know about the moonfire bow is the 3 different charge levels, as this will apply to both CW and regular Campaign.

A straight left click with the moonfire bow will do minimal impact damage, followed by 5-6 ticks of magic burn that are not affected by armor. You can fire 6 of these before draining your energy pool. There is little or no aoe on this attack.

“Half-charge” arrows, where you hold right click and fire before the arrow is drawn all the way back, do slightly more impact damage but deal 11-12 magical burn ticks. On legend and below this is enough to one shot any special, and every elite besides a chaos warrior. The burn time does take 3-4 seconds, so it may be prudent to follow up most specials or elite with a second left click to expedite their passing. Chaos warriors can be brought down with 4 half charge arrows, though it will take the full burn time. There is a small AOE effect to half charged arrows, minor penetration on unarmored targets, and you can fire 5 of these before draining your energy pool.

Full charge arrows have all the same effects as a half charge, but with slightly more impact damage, a near flat trajectory at all distances, and a larger AOE. You can fire 4 of these before draining your energy pool.

Note that charge level does not effect burn damage per tick, only the amount of ticks.

Barrage stacking will trivialize most monster fights, as the stacking magical burn ticks climb ever higher. If you have all the time in the world and the monsters attention is elsewhere, open up the fight with 1 or 2 left clicks to trigger the barrage effect, then as barrage is about to wear off and you have recovered moonfire energy, continue stacking until you have reached 5 stacks. At this point, the most bang for your buck on single target will be 5 half charged arrows, though if you can somehow keep the monsters attention off of you, it would be even better to cut that to 4 and keep firing occasionally just to keep the barrage stacks, as the recharge time after burning out is longer than the wear out time for barrage.

I hope this small bit of information is helpful to my elgi friends, and may it carry you the roughest of times.

edit Assuming perfect conditions and dot tick alignment, at maximum barrage stacks, a waystalker putting out 5 half charge arrows will get 12 dot ticks per arrow at 13.5 damage for 162 damage, times 5 arrows equals 810 damage just in burn, this does not account for the impact damage of each arrow, critical hits (which only affect impact damage, not burn damage or amount of ticks), or possible melee damage dealt during the burn. The dot potential is especially dangerous to the well being of the elf, as this is almost guaranteed to draw a monsters attention, however the burn time does allow the elf to contribute to the DPS even while dodging or blocking.


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