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My experience after buying V2 on free weekend

Content of the article: "My experience after buying V2 on free weekend"

I did not play V1 and I've never played any warhammer game. I bought the game because it was on sale and I recently upgraded my setup. I played phantasy star blue burst for years. I'm not really into the newer ps or monster hunter but V2 so far has been filling the itch. I got a Foot knight to 28 and a WHC to 18. There are some problems though.

I've never seen a game with such bullshit lol. Enemies constantly spawning behind you gets old real fast. Sometimes they don't even come from a physically possible place wtf. Maybe I will learn in time I guess. One of my first games we were doing well and a hook rat grabbed me and pulled me behind a wall. Basically a closet with no door. My team killed the hook rat as he came out but I was still in this tiny room with no way out lol.

I can deal with those. The main issue is how little help I've seen in game. The game is so big and so many dlc and so confusing at this point there is no way to catch up to someone who has played from the beginning. Especially with zero help from veterans. I have no idea where I'm going. If I lead, I'll turn around and my team is gone. If I follow something will attack from behind and my team is gone. There's so many maps and chapters or whatever at this point I'll never get where a million tomes and random shit is. Certainly not after a week. If there is a fork I have no idea which way to go.

In all the games I've played only one time did someone speak and help us out. I know to hit left and right now when I am attacked by bees thanks to him. There is no tutorial so the only way to know is to study youtube videos. I've already done so much research for builds and how crafting works I really just want to play the game not read. I get the fighting basics but where to go or what to do with puzzles I have no clue. Just things like where to stand are confusing.

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I think the issues I have are mainly due to quickplay. The majority of quickplay games I join are joinable because there is a problem with the people in it. They are scuffed games or they would have 4 people. My favorite game is when they booted me after a very long time on a hard map right before the exit. Sure I held them back but it was my first time playing that map, dlc I think. However I did bring all 3 back to life at one point after somehow not dying to an insane mob. That's the part that annoys me.

My strategy in game is just to follow the person who seems to know what they are doing. The game doesn't really help with that though since level is tied to character.

I've read it gets better in legendary, I've been in Championship most of the my time. The journey to legendary hasn't been the most fun though since the entire time I've just been confused mostly.

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This came out like I hate the game or I'm asking to have someone show me the ropes. I'm not. My point is that someone who's been playing since v1 with 3 other friends is not the same experience as someone who just started today and wants to play solo. It's a much steeper climb. A lot of this game is just rote memorization, but if you don't even know what to memorize you'll never get it. Us noobs are completely lost and that ain't going to change soon. We are trying but it seems like an uphill battle.

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