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My Personal Opinion on the Wears, Weapons and Armors of our Favorite Band of Unlikely Heroes, The Ubersreik 5. 2nd try, Huntsman

Now, before we talk about it his wears, we need to assess the fact that the clothes he wear is because of the environment that he has secluded in, he seems to be more fit in the wild than in a town, similar to the waystalker, so we will judge him based on what he is fighting back then to what he is fighting now

Now here, the weapon he holds is a musket and doesn't seem to hold any melee weapon, as a Hunter, it would be unwise of him to not have a weapon to skin his game, so let's assume that he has a dagger

I've been recently informed by a comment in my last post that Armor doesn't or rather barely hinders ones mobility, so I will be changing Mobility for stamina exertion, you may move the same, but you're exerting more force to move around in armor

Musket and Dagger, fairly necessary whenever you hunt game, but it still lacks many components, the range and effectiveness of the dagger in battle, it's not always gonna be a kill in enemy in their sleep, so he's either gonna have to fight

His Footwear, just like the Mercenary, I will never say no to shoes that provide both less stamina exertion and a little bit of Protection, especially from the shin

Legwear seems barely armored except for the knee plate armor on his left leg, I assume is for his crouching, so he doesn't get any bad knee, I don't know what his stance is while crouching, if the left knee or the right knee is his go to knee that positions itself in the ground, if its the left then its a good addition, if its the right then its a pretty useless add on by itself

Cotton and a piece of knee armor in one side, all in all, it gives a more comfortable feel to the wearer, it seems he's more of the sniper than he is in the frontline, but in a battlefield or in a battle against an enemy that is much more armored than him, unless he can get his gun up and shoot in time, he would have to be extra careful

Armwear is also a great representation of armored but not sacrificing his stamina, albeit would like it if his left elbow wasn't exposed

But for the most part, his right arm is fairly armored up with Chainmail, from his shoulders all the way to his wrists, while the other side have just his shoulder with chainmail, forearm and wrist protected by leather, it would stop unfortunate attacks and offers decent enough protection, he just has to rely on his senses to make sure he doesn't receive a fatal strike

Hand wear is different story, basically no protection at all, I assume is for his use of the bow, he requires free hands, but in battle, without hand protection, a strike to one of em will force you to change stances or put you out of commission

Torso wear, for me, while it is armored up to a great point, the belt being exposed like that (I assume is the way that armor works) is pretty fatal, armor like that is supposed to make strikes slide off, not give a reason for the enemy to distort your balance, and if ever that belt gets cut (yes I am aware that it is leather but it is a what if) the possibility of that armor falling off is high, which would leave you in a pretty bad position, or maybe the belt is there to hold his quiver on his back, and if it gets striked and the quiver falls off, it's an easy way for you to fall down if you're not looking, and in a battle, you always gotta have your sights on your opponent

I say keep the armor, but find a way for the belt to not be exposed like that, maybe add chainmail ( yeah I just spitballed that chainmail one) anything to have it not be outside the armor

Headwear offers no protection and any given strike intended upon it is a fatal strike, and no, I don't think it is a thick cotton, It won't stop any strikes to the back, neck and top of the head, looks cool though, fit for what he is, a man who avoids the authority

Overall I feel lackluster about this, I understand that his wear is based on a different career in life, where he spent most of his working life alone in the forest hunting game instead of in a regiment, but in a situation where you are tasked to disrupt multiple operations in multiple locations and having to face it head on, you're gonna require more protection and a hood isn't gonna stop a sneaky attack from the back

or maybe this was a career after his years as a sergeant, nevertheless, it is a downgrade for me

I wanna give it a grade of 3.9

The lack of head protection, handwear and legwear, together with his dagger, gave him that score

By adding the Trophy of the Gave helmet, I would give it a 4.5, sadly the beastman head and its horns are not just unnecessary weight but they are also very easy to grab on, but it does offer good protection to the top head, back head, forehead and sides so points on that



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