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New Career Speculation

Been reading over Lohners journal and listening to new dialogue (new to me anyway) and there are some hints scattered about as to what future careers might be. I won’t waste time on great spiels, I’ll just throw them out there and you can tell me I’m wrong in the comments and we can both get on with our day.


Saltzpyre: Something related to Ulric.

Saltzpyre is interesting. Sigmar himself was an Ulric worshipper. The two churches have a rivalry. Saltzpyre has been acting quite uncharacteristic of late. Discussing dreams and visions, assisting Lohners men with trips down the mountain for firewood. And this recent business with the citadel. Plus there are loading screen tips related to Ulric that stick out as being without purpose.

I suspect that Saltzpyre will end up with an Ulric priest related alternative career. Perhaps as a direct result of the trip to the citadel. Perhaps as something else. Despite his zeal, he is an unusually open minded Witch Hunter. He could very well end up worshipping Ulric and justifying that in his mind as being in service to Sigmar.


Kerillian and Sienna: Elven mage shenanigans.

Kerillian and Sienna both went walkabout together a while back. Sienna has multiple dialogues referring to testing herself against an Elven mage. Insisting she wants to try it despite Kerillians warnings. During a period of in universe downtime. When Kruger was off visiting Parravon and Bardin was busy making his steam gun, Kerillian and Sienna both left for somewhere. Why would they do that?

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We’ve also got the topic of Kerillians exile. Or perhaps a curse? She shares a story with Lohner about how she stops a dark ritual in her homeland, but is then accused of murder and driven out because she cannot prove there was a ritual happening. This story is implied to only be partially true.

I have some recollection of something implying Kerillian is cursed. Which might explain the black eyes, which is not something elves normally have. Could be artists interpretation, or it could be something to do with Kerillian herself. Related to this, Kerillian is obsessed with the health and repair of the weave. With some dialogue being readable as her feeling some guilt in that regard. Could this ritual she disrupted have damaged the weave? The winds of magic?

So we’ve got two characters with interests in magic. Elven magic at that. Gallivanting off to parts unknown during a time of relative peace. Kerillian doesn’t typically travel with others, so there’s a reason they went together. I think either Sienna is going to go fight and/or study under an Elven Mage, or Kerillian is.


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