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So one thing I love about Vermintide is the way we get to see Warhammer Fantasy from a variety of different perspectives through each unique hero, and their interactions with one another. Not only that, we then get to see how those different perspectives can then be reflected in gameplay. From this I've been tossing around in my mind some possible additional heroes who could be added in to bring new perspectives and gameplay, without stretching the canon too far.

Aldred von Carstein: A minor vampire count, sent as an agent to investigate the rising unrest in the empire. While selfish and indifferent to the suffering caused by the Skaven, fights alongside the Ubersreik five knowing if the Empire falls to the rats Sylvania will be next. He would bring an "evil" viewpoint, one who enjoys if not relishes in, the suffering taking place, and giving a more directly antagonistic (especially with Saltzpyre) relationship with the other heroes. As vampire factions have no ranged weapons, he would be an additional magic user, his different staffs representing different lores of magic: lore of vampires, death, and shadows. For his sub classes, each represents a different bloodline, and his gameplay would reflect the specializations of each bloodline.

-Von Carstein- His starting and "canon" class, as a Von Carstein vampire he specializes in gaining additional temp health as he bathes in the blood of his enemies and his talents reflect this. As such, his passive Undeath Resurgent increases any temp health gain by 30%, and his active ability The Hunger pulls enemies towards him, increases his attack speed, and gains an additional 20% temp health gain for the duration.

-Blood Dragon- A melee centric subclass, being unable to use magic as all blood dragons have chosen to focus on martial pursuits, he specializes in "challenging" the most powerful foes and eliminating them in single combat. His passive Heart Piercing would gradually increase damage inflicted on a target with each successive hit, while his active skill Honour or Death would have him challenge a single enemy who would focus solely on him while giving him a damage bonus against that target, but also taking more damage from the target.

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-Necrarch- Aldred's ranged class, would have a focus on using magic to kill enemies, and then using the souls of those slain to further fuel his magic. His passive Arcane Conduit would then focus on reducing the cooldown of his active skill based on the strength of the enemy killed, and his active skill Raise Shades would summons shades which fly from him to kill several enemies (similar to the flaming skull).

Finnegan (Finn) Bootsley: A halfling traveler, finds himself sticking around the Ubersreik Five after rescuing his caravan from a Skaven horde. While initially limited in just being the companions cook, but after several valuables are found in his bunk, his skills as a thief have the potential to be invaluable as well. I would love to see a halfling character, and I think he would a bring a distincly light-hearted, easy-going attitude to the otherwise gloomy party, and plenty of drunken shenanigans with Bardin and Kruber, and contempt from Kerillian and Saltzpyre.

-Halfling Thief- As a thief Finn is particularly skilled at avoiding attention while nicking a few valuables in the process. His passive Small and Nimble would cause armored, monster, or boss characters to disengage from him after successfully dodging an attack, and his active skill Sneaksy Halflingses has him becoming invisible and able to pass through enemies with a 30% chance of stealing a bomb, potion, or healing item from each enemy he passes through.

-Fieldwarden- Halfling Fieldwardens are used to patrolling the borders of the Moot for Undead, and as such are skilled at targeting unaware enemies from a distance. His passive ability Border Patrol would give him a 50% ranged damage bonus against enemies who have not been aggroed, and his active ability Trick Shot has him shoot four arrows in a wide spread which all piece multiple targets.

-Cook- Halflings love food, and so their cooks are more than used to following their armies on the march. Knowing a heary meal awaits the other heroes on returning home safely with their cook, Finn's passive Unquenchable Appetite causes him to gain a damage resistance for each ally near him. While his active ability Dinner Bell has him sending out a burst of energy with the promises of a delicious meal, giving nearby heroes a boost the damage and damage resistance for a short amount of time. As a cook he also has a unique ranged weapon, the hotpot, where he ladles out boiling soup which both damages and slows enemies in a cone in front of him.

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Collette Monet: A Bretonnian Grail Damsel, Collette naively believes in the Lady, and her inevitable scouring of the world of all evil if only the entire race of men would embrace the Lady's love. This put her greatly at odds with the other heroes who find themselves quickly annoyed by both her naivety combined with her constant badgering to accept the Lady. Though, Kerillian seems to have taken an almost protective stance towards her, whether out of affection, pity, or some other unknown reason. Her subclasses each refer to how she has grown or changed after experiencing the Vermintide.

-Grail Damsel- As Collette's default state, she focuses on using the Lore of Life to provide temp health to her companions. Her passive Life Bloom gives 2 temp health to any nearby heroes each time she casts a fully charged spell. This compliments her active skill Regrowth well which on activation converts any temporary health allies have into normal health.

-War Maiden- Having seen the ravages enacted upon the innocents by the Pactsworn, Collete can no longer standby idly. Taking up arms and armor she goes out to strike down enemies of the Lady personally. She has not forgotten this suffering, he passive Halo of Maidenly Wrath causing her to do 50% more damage for a period after an ally is downed, going up to 75% for a short time after one dies. Her active skill Banner of the Grail has her set down a banner which inspires her allies around her to resist more damage.

-Prophetess- Having seen the future that lies for the Old World, Collette no longer believes in protecting the innocent, only punishing the Lady's enemies for their crimes both committed and yet to come. She now uses the Lore of Beasts to fuel her allies' ferocity, her passive Wild Heart reduces the active ability cooldown of her allies when an Elite enemy is killed, and her active Ability the Amber Spear does direct damage to and increases damage taken by the target for a short time.

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So yeah, If you stuck around and got this far thanks, I did my best to tie them in to both the Lore and tabletop, and the existing game as best I could in a believable manner. Just been having these ideas floating around my head for a while and wanted to get it out there. If you've had your own ideas I'd love to hear it.

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