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New Joke Career Concept: Chaos Spawn Sienna

Content of the article: "New Joke Career Concept: Chaos Spawn Sienna"

Some of you have been complaining that Grail Knight Kruber is not lore friendly. But you know what is lore friendly? Chaos spawn Sienna.

Lohner: "Due to the nature of the winds of magic being tainted by chaos, wizards may explode into chaos spawn when miscasting. Such a path is common for unchained or hedge wizards. Saltzpyre, I fear that Sienna is going down this same path, keep your pistols ready"

Passive: Whenever Sienna is overheated (red overheat bar), her ult will fill up. The ult bar cannot fill up any other way. Lets say it takes 5 minutes on average of fighting with overheat to charge the ult, roughly half the mission. Also sienna is not slowed by overheat

Ultimate: Sienna explodes and transforms into a chaos spawn. In this form, vision and ui are twisted so that everything appears to be a red outline almost like a blood frenzy. Sienna gains the attack patterns of a regular chaos spawn. However, she is able to deal melee friendly fire and coupled with the changes in vision due to the blood frenzy, you will often attack your teammates by mistake.

In this form, a couple of mechanics are changed. Sienna will no longer have access to her staves or melee weapons. Her ult is changed into the chaos spawn grab attack. The grab can grab up to five enemies or teammates, who will be consumed each restoring 100 health temporary health. Sienna's health pool will be 2000 and cannot replenish any other way. The ult is available every minute.

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Teammates can choose to put down Sienna. You can melee attack her until she dies, turning her into a loot die. Sienna will respawn in her original form.

Possible Talents:

Every enemy consumed in chaos spawn's ult restores 5 seconds of ult stacking up to 5 times.

At high overheat, overheat generated is halved.

Drop two loot die upon death.

Halve the time it takes to respawn after chaos spawn death.

Deal double damage to enemy monsters.

Be able to consume enemy elites with chaos spawn ult.

Damage taken in either form contributes to ult charge. 30 health for 10 percent exchange rate

Cosmetic Bundle:

If you have the cosmetic bundle, Chaos Spawn sienna's form changes depending on what she eats. For example, eating skaven will generate extra tails while extra arms and legs come from rotbloods. Eating beastmen adds horns and hooves. Eating elves will provide ears while dwarves reduce height. Taking damage will cause sienna to lose body parts.

Disclaimer: this is a joke dont take me seriously, now laugh

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