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Open letter to Fat Shark.

Content of the article: "Open letter to Fat Shark."

Dear Fat Shark,

There are a decent amount of us on Xbox, who actually, and regularly play weaves. We enjoy the variety, the challenge, and sense of completion in doing them. What we do not like are the constant crashes of the weaves. We have been doing weave 77 of this current season for almost three hours now and the crashes are unbearable. If we so much get more than five enemies on screen our games all collectively crash, not just one or two of us but all of us.

I know there are a lot things happening in weaves, with the difference amounts of particle effects, and other things happening on screen, it can be hard for the console to process. All we ask is maybe tone down things happening on screen, maybe spawn less stuff in at a time. Maybe not give us 30 archers and ten banners at once, spread them out better, maybe tone down the particle effects a bit to ease to strain.

None of us mind losing, or wiping for three hours on a weave just due to sheer difficulty or our own bad playing and judgement. It's part of the fun of learning the weaves and overcoming them. The constant crashing is unplayable though, and really needs to be addressed.

Our community is small I know, but with the game coming back to gamepass, I would love to see it grow, but that just wont happen with things being in the current state that they are in.

We would love for things to be perfect, but we know that it is an unrealistic expectation. Things like specials spawning directly in front of you, or not making any sound, not getting back stab noises, need fixing as well, but I feel like like the dlc and game mode we payed money for shouldn't be almost completely unplayable. Most people on xbox that I know, who do not play weaves, do not play them due to the crashing, not the difficulty or just not enjoying the mode itself.

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So please, we love this game. We love the combat, the world building, and the characters that you've created. We want this community to grow, we want Dark Tide to be successful and have a large community as well. We know we are not forgotten, we understand that getting out updates on console is more complicated than on pc. We just want to be able to enjoy the content we paid for and love.

So if any of you fatshark devs read this, please pass this along. And if any if you ps4 guys feel the need to add anything add it. PC guys, keep your inferior comments out, seriously none of us care

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