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Outcast Engineer is a mess

Content of the article: "Outcast Engineer is a mess"

Here's some personal thoughts as a regular cata player, any other opinions are welcomed.

After a few games with the outcast engineer, I find him not performing as well as other Bardins.

Ranger is a ranged backliner. he has a stagger/invis ult which can provide extra bomb or healing/AS, talent which reduce damage taken by 30%, giving him decent survivability. He can provide ammo, bomb/potion/ale to the team.

Ironbreaker is a great tank and can be a backliner dps with drake gun. His ult taunts enemies around him, reduce block cost to 0, and grants him in total 80% dmg reduction. He has talents for stamina regen and stagger when taking dmg, passive dmg reduction and dmg absorption. Can provide the team with great control and power when using a certain talent. Has the highest survivability among the 3.

Slayer is a melee heavy frontliner who can deleter everything he encounters. Has passive for damage output, talents for damage reduction. Has great mobility with his ult, which can stagger and grant him attack speed bonus. He can output insane dps and has decent survivability with his aggresive playstyle and ult.

Now looking back at our engineer, he has 100-120 hp and passive for ranged. Has a ult which basically is a weapon. It does okay against hordes, bad against elites especially armoured if without the talent. Does great boss dmg. But it's really slow and doesn't have enough dps to pay for its mobility, and will get backstabbed very easily. He has a 25% dmg reduction talent, which is not bad, but that's his only built-in defense. In terms of talents and ult, no stagger, no mobility and no invis. In other words, no panic button, no get out of jail free card, has to rely on melee for defense. Bounty hunter is another career who's the same, but he has a great defensive weapon, 30% dmg reduction and is so much better in terms of ranged dps.

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The new pistol we have, is rather controversial imo. It has huge, I mean, HUGE damage, but has a very long delay and somewhat hard to aim. The alt fire mode is still really inaccurate at close range, and has a delay too.

The cog hammer however, is too strong to be true, so definitely gonna be nerfed.

In conclusion, he doesn't have as good ranged ability and survivability as ranger, can't tank and control as well as ironbreaker, and can't output as much dps as slayer. A lot of people thought he's gonna put ranger in awkward spot, but in reality he himself is probably the weakest dwarf.

As I said, these are all my personal thoughts, which means none of this is for anything higher than cata, so I'm really curious to see how everyone else think about the class.

PS: The part where I talked about weapons are only for the weapons, not for the class.

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