Warhammer: Vermintide

Patch 3.0 Known Issues Thread

This list will be continuously updated throughout the day, please check here if you are experiencing issues with Patch 3.0 before posting.

Here is a current list of known issues for Patch 3.0 (as per u/fatshark_hedge):

  • Windows 7 Users need to await hotfix for 100% startup crash
  • Item Filter MOD can cause GK not to be able to equip 2nd melee item
  • Armory MOD is affected
  • Loadout Manager might be squiffy
  • UI Improvements vomits loads of errors in to chat
  • talent descriptions are awaiting an update, may report incorrect numbers or %
  • knightly temper talent is causing crashes when GKs ult lands.
  • Players who have frame_holly_04 AKA Grandmaster of Illusions (frame for completing FoW on Legend) will crash when selecting that character (or profile if using UI Improvements).
  • Modded realm is currently working incorrectly (may show a message about being untrusted).

These crashes are currently being investigated:

  • scripts/ui/ui_passes.lua:518: Material 4 not found in Gui.
  • scripts/settings/dlcs/lake/buff_settings_lake.lua:219: attempt to index local ‘breed’ (a nil value)

Per RwAoNrDdOsM in Squirrel Squad, these mods are affected:

  • Loadout Manager (Doesn't give you 2nd melee weapon on GK)
  • Fully Body Awareness
  • Item Filter (Doesn't let you choose a second weapon on GK since it only shows Ranged Weapons)
  • Armory (If you click on Kruber you crash)
  • UI Improvements (GK isn't in the ui; there is a error when trying to use the different red background, and another error pops up when clicking through the menus)
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