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Questions on improving my Sienna gameplay.

Content of the article: "Questions on improving my Sienna gameplay."

Playing on Veteran as of now, have done a few games on Champion with a really good friend and did ok but im trying to get her to 30 before I try without being carried :p

So, currently im trying to figure which of her classes I want to main. I have been using BW for the time being as the flame walk is valuable for getting out of tight spaces and clearing hordes. I was using Unchained until realizing I didnt have Abandon and its pretty necessary to have that skill. I've also been looking at Pyromancer cause the overcharge granting +30% crit chance and all of the skills that synergize with this and give attack speed with higher overcharge seem to be good, but ive heard Pyros ult is pretty ass.

My weapons I use are the Flail and Beam Staff, Flail for clearing hordes and Beam for sniping specials. I dont really tend to use her ranged options though so I feel like im not using her to her full potential. I did use ranged alot when I first got her flamestorm staff but I learned quickly that it kinda blows and is overkill on hordes when I really need to worry about Specials.

I guess im trying to play her as a tanky melee character but Unchained is the one with tons of health but its counter intuitive cause one bad hitchain and I die OR lose half my health to Abandon. Been looking at Pyro and it seems like a more suited melee class with the extra crits on high overcharge along with attack speed bonus on overcharge too.

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I've been using the "killing blow grants THP" ability and recently thought about switching it out for the stagger one, seeing as I use the flail, is that more useful?

Also, any reccomendations on which lv30 talent I should use? 30% quicker recharge and double use both sound great on BW sp that seems like a hard choice, for Pyro the instant 35 THP is a no brainer, and for Unchained Fuel for the Fire seems nice for CC then beating down Elites while Bomb Balm just seems like a really good support ability.

Sorry this is so disjointed, I had a lot of questions so they just came out in this mess :/

Any responses are appreciated.

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