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Suggested 3 player Weaves group, with mixed ability group

Content of the article: "Suggested 3 player Weaves group, with mixed ability group"

Hi y'all πŸ™‚

I'm looking for advice on a good 3 character team for ranked weaves, and also for quickplay with +1 bot.

It's for me and my twin 10 year old boys. We've been playing about 3 months, and we're able to do Champion full book runs together. Us 3, plus a bot.

They use controllers, so there is a skill limit, also they're 10 πŸ™‚ So, Waystalker is OK, as the ult is great for killing specials without perfect aim, but Hunstman would not be a great fit for them IMO.

They are currently preferring Saltzpyre, and Kerillian. So, I have suggested Billhook Zealot (tank role) and Spear and Shield Handmaiden (semi-tank role). They're excited about the new weapons as we all just got WoM in the steam sale.

I would then play Battlewizard with Conflag staff, as a kind of generallist DPS.

So far we've only done 3 weaves – the first two ranked ones, and a quickplay recruit. Notably harder than normal recruit, and we're all back to no character skills and no weapon power, but we did at least succeed at them πŸ™‚ Not by much though!

I guess that special killing would be our biggest weak-point. I may go to Beam Staff, for better special killing, but the conflag is great for keeping the high horde counts under control.

They seem to like Zealot & Handmaiden so far (day 1!), so ideally we would stick with these two. The handmaiden player was playing waystalker in normal mode, so moving him to special killing and me into a tank role could work. I'm a more reliable killer of specials though than him (mouse & kb versus controller), so probably inclined to try and keep them in more tank/control roles at first. They're actually pretty decent at them, and take lower damage than most Champion players.

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Any suggestions on obvious optimizations that I should make – I don't care what career I play. The aim is to continue to have fun, but they do enjoy being powerful in the game, so I'm interested in making sure that I haven't set us up for failure. It's also grindy enough getting essence that I don't want to send them down a dead-end character build path.

Also, I guess we'll only ever do weaves 1 through 30, plus quickplays. I can't see us getting on to Legend level weaves before they're a little older and I convince them to use mouse & keyboard.

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