Warhammer: Vermintide

the 4 upcoming new classes

well been playing grail knight which is really fun

(except for sometimes when you join a game your auto made into the merc)

but the other 4 classes have me curious what they could be, and assuming they release them in vertical order that means we will receive bardin followed by kerrilian, victor and lastly sienna.

so here are my predictive classes starting with bardin….


as we have ranger, slayer and ironbreaker classes this leaves barden basically with 2 options both of which i am excited for as they are quite different.

first up the engineer, dwarf engineers are masters with mechanical work and are often toting guns and explosives while not improving artillery could get a new type of experimental gun such as a grenade launcher or a trollhammer torpedo.

second choice he could be a rune smith, dwarfs dont do magic instead they make runes which kinda works in a similar way so he could have a rune hammer and be able to cast boulders slammin enemies etc.


the class im most excited for to be added is a new elf, and there are a few options in the wood elf area but high and dark elf classes could be included just look at kruber the now part brettonian (though to be fair his lore kinda makes sense)

i feel she will become a wardancer or shadow dancer, wood elf melee specialists who have dances that allow acrobatic combat often using dual swords or spears, she could be a melee only class or perhaps throwing knives.

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and the second possibility is a witch elf / sister of slaughter, a dark elf gladiator that specialises in poisons and potions who could use a whip or poison daggers


now im starting to struggle as victor only has one class i can see him doing but im almost sure he will be it and thats a

warrior priest basically a heavy armoured knight like class that uses prayers to augment combat, buffing his damage, healing, banishing chaos and there are 4 possible weapons for him here but they are all flavours of warhammer, dual wield, hammer and shield, 2H hammer and 1H hammer.

other ideas i do not know but he could be some kind of ulrican priest too, which is a bit different, they are people who worship the god sigmar worshipped and are mainly in middenland saltzpyres homeland…


lastly i have no idea really as i dont think another bright wizard could be squeezed out of her since they just did 3 varieties of the same tabletop unit, well i might add but i dont think another fire wizard is in the books im thinking perhaps she will be another lore of magic all together

the candidates i see happening are; (all i would assume get a few staffs of their lore to use???

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grey wizard, lore of shadows. kinda a stealthy wizard who can go invisible and so on

gold wizard, lore of metal. the closest too fire but focuses alot more on slowing enemies and buffing armour and allied weapons, could summon a golden hound of gehenna or perhaps turn an area of enemies into gold for a period freezing them for a bit.

amber wizard. lore of the hunt, can shoot javelins and is good at ranged but also have a spell called transformation of kadon that allows them to shapeshift into a monster temporarily.

amethyst wizard, lore of death, the spooky wizard that can suck life from people and make them age super fast and so on, also they wield a big ass scythe which would be fun

jade wizard lore of life. could be cool as thats like a healer class but i would think she is more likely to get a wizard class that is more offensive.

celestial wizard lore of heavens, these are wizards that can shoot blue meteors and call lightning to zap through their enemies

light wizards lore of light, these are wizards who are best at killing the undead, but have all sorts of magic from nets that stop you, blinding lights, lazer eyes (not joking shems burning gaze is a lazer bolt out the eyeball) and can mass banish enemies so an aoe damage over time thing maybe>

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all of siennas weapons i imagine will be a few varieties of staff and maybe a melee weapon but i mostly think her fire weapons would be edited into this kinda magic.

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